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SOS addons?

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Hello all, 


I'm working on this modding guide, here: 


The current sub project I'm looking to implement is SOS and related addons.  Thing is, last time I modded skyrim (2017-18) I recall there were a bunch of addons for it (namely to support the Khajiit and Argonian races) and can't seem to find many of them.  If you happen to have the knowledge on hand or bookmarked, would you care to help me out?  I plan on researching myself, but every comment with another mod link could potentially be one I miss.  


Here's the three categories I'm thinking:


  • Primary addons:  Ones that make sense for vanilla skyrim (different types of natural penises, ones Khajiit and Argonian races, etc.)
  • Secondary addons:  Those for major, recognized mods/mainstream custom races (futa [enough said], horse [for succubus], etc.)
  • Tertiary addons: Everything else.


The secondary goal is to attract the attention of people who are more familiar with mod clusters and can help the dependency map.  I plan on PMing mod authors themselves, but I want to have something to show before I waste anyone's time.


Anyway, thanks in advance!  I look forward to getting this flowchart rolling, so hopefully with a bit of a team effort we can get it complete sooner, rather than later.



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