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  1. You can do this yourself if you like; getting UNP working in SE and Bodyslide64 is the hardest part. Here's a guide that should help. DCC can then be used more or less "out of the box". You may have to run meshes from DCC through the optimizer if you have issues with crashing or missing meshes. Saving the plugins in Creation Kit 64 is also recommended, but not required.
  2. No, you don't need Gender Bender. When a character is marked as female in SexLab, it usually tries to put that character into the passive/receiving position in animations. If such a character is selected for a 'male' role in an animation, they will use a strapon.
  3. SOS is doing that. When you have the bikini equipped, go to the player/NPC info tab of the SOS MCM and mark it as revealing.
  4. Your load order shouldn't matter with these items. SOS plus a female schlong addon is the bare minimum to make a futa character. SexLab if you also want to use that dick. Since you only want your own character as futa, Gender Bender isn't needed - you can use the SOS and SexLab MCMs to get what you want. Gender Bender is mainly useful if you either want to switch futa/female at will, or if your playthrough has futa NPCs.
  5. It adds a schlong to your character and sets her to male in SexLab so she'll actually use it. These are things you can do in the SOS and SexLab MCMs yourself, but Gender Bender automates it. Gender Bender also automatically detects schlongs on female NPCs and sets them as male in SexLab. Just make sure you have an SOS schlong addon that works for females, like this one: Since you only want it on your character, make sure you go into its settings in the SOS MCM and disable it for every race. Otherwise it has a chance to appear on NPCs.
  6. That would greatly complicate things on the back end. The Dwarven Cyborg Collection combos are full body replacers. I agree that the current megalist of options is kind of a pain to use, but it is a 1:1 match to the supported DCC options. If I split the limb selections into their own dropdowns, I would have to come up with some kind of lookup system behind the scenes, and most 'mashup' combinations wouldn't even be valid because there's no corresponding DCC body to use. I'd like to revisit bladed + normal arm combos at some point, but there were a few hangups that kept them out of the mod, originally: Adding more options is problematic because the number of items in the Body Modification megalist is approaching the maximum supported by Papyrus. Since hands come in sets, a non-cyborg arm would need to have a fixed hand/glove on it. Should I use a gauntlet the player can't take off, or use a bare hand that the player won't be able to equip anything to? Less importantly, I didn't have any luck setting different unarmed bonuses per arm, because it doesn't seem to be possible to detect properly. None of these items are exactly showstoppers; 1 and 2 can be solved by making the player use -BAF-, like I did with the armored tops.
  7. Holzfrau

    Heya, Dollface

    This will be done in a script, which should be attached to a Quest. If I understand things correctly, it will use the SexLabConfig.LoadStrapon function, and can be done with SexLab as a soft dependency. They may call the config something different than SexLabConfig when they use it, but it will be an sslSystemConfig object.
  8. KS Hairdos is the only hair pack I use. She appears to be using the Rosie Cloud hair.
  9. Holzfrau

    Lights and Magic

    Makes things look much more lively! Do you think you would be able to make it so the insert and heart stones don't go all the way down to 0 emissive? RE: The Flags value of 72, this is a decimal representation of the flags which are set at a binary level as 01001000. Per NifSkope help (read the bit position backwards, the last bit is bit 0): I tried to see if I had any models in my install that used a similar pulsing glow, and I found Vivi's daedric cockcage, which uses simpler values for its keys. Might be useful for comparison if you want to tweak things.
  10. Sure, go ahead. If you have any questions about the nuts and bolts of it, we can handle those via PM.
  11. The -BAF- bodies have all DCC options available for you to mix and match however you want. Zap toggles are normally used for omitting parts of a mesh from the output; all the cyborg options start zapped out on the -BAF- bodies so you can unzap (enable) the ones you want. You will also need to zap out the parts of the body mesh you want to replace with cyborg parts. These start unzapped, and you'll need to experiment a little bit to see which body and cyborg zaps line up. Once you've customized your body to your liking, use the Build button to export the mesh so the game can use it. You will need to repeat the process for every -BAF- variant you'd like to make. Don't use Batch Build, it will set all of your -BAF- bodies to however your current one is configured.
  12. Are you able to add schlongs using the MCM for Schlongs of Skyrim, or is the problem just with Gender Bender? If the problem is just with Gender Bender, try saving and reloading your game. If you can't get it through SOS, then it will be harder for me to diagnose. Double checking that you're using a compatible skeleton is where I'd start looking, but you'd be better off taking your issue to the SOS SE support thread if the problem is in that mod.
  13. They're all perks with "schematic" in the name. You can use console commands to get them.
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