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  1. It will set all your NPCs automatically. Males do not work in Gender Bender, because there were no pussy add-ons at the time it was made. Do you have a link handy for the one you're using so I can look into adding male support? Thanks. If you saw this behavior after starting a new game, try reloading your save. Gender Bender tends to check for available schlongs before SoS has finished registering all of them in a new game.
  2. Holzfrau

    Golden Girls

    RE: Followers and the navmesh island: They should come to you automatically if you leave the Facility, the same as fast travel. As for returning them to the spot, they can't walk there, but if you can get the cell to unload (by doing other stuff for awhile), they should be put back at their package location (you could also use a MoveToPackageLocation script call to teleport them there). I still think you should be able to solve this without hacking up your navmesh. though. As for your pedestal and sandbox packages fighting - do you have the pedestal package at the top of the list
  3. That's cool, go ahead! Hope you got everything to work like you want it to!
  4. Holzfrau

    Immersion Blender

    Since Dwemer names are drawn from ancient Mesopotamia (compare them with, for instance, Nebuchadnezzar), you could borrow from the languages there instead of Latin. Here's a few I turned up with some quick searching: Sumerian: Source 1 giri - dagger ugur - sword Source 2 shuhadaku - sword (but appears to literally mean 'supreme bright strong weapon'? Would fit well for the sword with the inset gem) Akkadian: Source namsaru - sword patru - dagger, knife.
  5. Holzfrau

    Past Progress

    Were you working with a save where you were already using your armor parts before adding the keyword? From what I can see in the scripts, the SOS_Revealing keyword should prevent SOS from flagging armors as 'concealed' the first time it sees them (which it does for all normal armors on the BODY slot). It sounds like you were testing this on armors that SOS had already checked and determined were 'concealing'; the keyword doesn't do much after that initial check (it also prevents SOS from ever covering up slot 52 if the armor's concealing/revealing status is changed). On a new gam
  6. I assume so. I don't use collision physics myself, though.
  7. Try reinstalling SOS too. Since this mod overwrites some SOS files, they might have been lost when you uninstalled.
  8. Can you let me know which addons you have installed?
  9. Gender Bender uses the addon name to figure out if it gives an actor a dick or not. Any addon that contains "no schlong" or "pubic hair" in its name will be considered a regular 'female' schlong. It sounds like the horse pussy doesn't include either of these items in its name. Can you let me know exactly what it's called so I can add a fix?
  10. IIRC, the Briarheart issue is due to their Armor Race being changed to BretonRace. You could try to revert the change in the Race form somehow, but I'm not sure what problem this was originally trying to fix. Not to dull your sparkle or anything, but there was already a mod that could do this - Gender Bender! It only supports futa, but that's because there are no man-pussy addons - the base SOS body shape doesn't really work for them. The mod came about with the same "why hasn't somebody done this already?" attitude that I'm sure spurred yours as well. Anyway, the way yo
  11. The MCM screenshot shows the "No Schlong" addon in action. I don't know if this mod defaults certain schlongs to keep female gender, but it's easy to check the addon name to see if it contains "No Schlong" or "Pubic Hair" (this is how I decide female/male in Gender Bender). I'm not very clear on how the horse strapon works though, wouldn't an actor need to be set to male to actually use it? The Schlongifier addon is how this problem is usually solved, FYI. SOS uses its DLL to choose schlongs, so adding new logic in the script isn't exactly easy.
  12. No Overpenetration estimates schlong length, and then applies a negative length to all the schlong bones to squash the schlong to a more 'natural' length. The Shrink Scale is applied directly to this negative length as a scalar. (1.00 is full power, 0.05 barely affects it) No Overpenetration will shorten a schlong during sex animations if Grower Extended makes it too long. This is not a conflict, it is intended behavior.
  13. You can check the Use Info on the keywords yourself to see what they're used for. ArmorClothing appears to be used by every vanilla clothing item, but there doesn't seem to be anything checking that keyword. Probably a good idea to include it anyway, in case you have a mod that cares about it. ClothingBody is the keyword that is used by the WICommentNaked quest for NPC dialogue. (WI = World Interaction)
  14. I'm not sure what you mean here. If you mean that Gender Bender is detecting all your females as futa/male because SOS is giving them schlongs, you need at least one SOS addon that doesn't add a schlong: There is not. Any female using the bound cock addon will be set as male by Gender Bender and kept that way.
  15. You will need to make sure myActor actually has something before doing stuff with it. Otherwise, it will bomb out of OnUpdate with an error and won't fire RegisterForSingleUpdate, breaking your mod. (I've changed your provided code accordingly) Also, do NPCs spawn with the revealing armor in your game? If not, I don't see a need to police the ones that have it.
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