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One male SIM genital shows black texture?

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On one male sim only, the genital texture shows up as black.  It is not covered totally in black, about 25% of the normal texture does show through?  This is strange as it is only affecting one particular male sim?  I don't really want to delete that sim and replace with another,  as he has acquired loads of skills, et.  

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Depending on the penis model you're using it might be a missing skintone or conflict with sth else (usually custom skins, skin details or other textures). Models by LunarEclipse and .Noir come with skintones occupying a tattoo slot (exactly for cases like yours), for example, and for WW's default the optional skintones have also helped on quite a few occasions. If you need more detailed help, just tell me which penis model you're using (maybe check Body Selector, if you have multiple installed) and whatever else is non-default about the Sim in question.

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Thanks for reply.  I have no idea what penis model, I assume it is the default, size and type which is OK.  No idea how to change either,  The installation of WW was not straightforward, as I had a warning box come up of a repeat file, I did manage to find the file in the Mods folder that I deleted.  There are NO genital skin tones in the tattoo section, don't know where they are? I have a long list of different size genitals in the bottoms section, but they replace the pants, and when you start a sex animation, these disappear and go into the default WW genitals.  I don't see any point of this?  As for the WW settings, I understand what some do, but a lot of the settings I just don't understand, not very well explained.  Is there a manual to explain all these settings?  Anyway, considering Wicked Whims are free , they are amazing, and well done for all the hard work creating them.  Why call them Wicked?  Sex is not wicked, it is natural!  Sexy Whims would be a better name! 

Edited later:- the list of Simdulgence files in Mods folder, 5 package files,  simdulgence_cas_ymBtm-RealGensPenisPlus_CAS, CC_CAS, Default _XXLargeCCut, CRetracted, CUncut.

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Okay, let me sort out some stuff first, as I might have been a bit brief earlier:

Wicked Whims comes with a default penis model. This model does not have additional skin tones in the Tattoos section in Create-a-Sim, it simply uses a Sim's skin tone. There are, however, additional skin tones for Sims you can download from WW's download page. If you never changed the genitals of any Sim, this is definitely the one, your Sims are using.

Other genitals, such as the ones you see as bottoms in CAS, need to be applied to Sims using the "Body Selector". To do that, click on any Sim, then "Wicked > Body Selector", select whether you want to change sth for all Sims (i.e. set a default), some Sims (by random), or only your specific Sim, and finally pick which body part you want to change. Note that you can change hard and soft penis independent from each other.

Not all penis models come with optional skin tones as tattoos (or maybe skin details, as that category is also often used for a lot of things). Some do, others handle it the same way as WW's default. It's usually either stated on the download page, or there is a .package file called sth like "skin_tattoos", that comes as part of the main download (the penis model).


Now, while there is no "traditional" manual, WW has a website detailing everything you need to know (and some things you didn't know you want to know). It's found here,: https://wickedwhimsmod.com/help and even has a sub section dedicated to "Penis Issues", as these are quite common with new users (had them myself - twice).

The "Downloads" section also contains a lot of links to compatible body parts.


And it's probably just called "Wicked" because of the allitteration.

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3 hours ago, Eurostar27 said:

Edited later:- the list of Simdulgence files in Mods folder, 5 package files,  simdulgence_cas_ymBtm-RealGensPenisPlus_CAS, CC_CAS, Default _XXLargeCCut, CRetracted, CUncut.

If you have more than one simdulgence type in use at the same time it can cause problems, (I mean using CAS along with non-CAS).

I only use 3 files and one is hair/tattoo file.


Also not a good idea to use another default penis's since WW has it's own default and might conflict.

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