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Autonomous Marriages - MCCC problem presumably

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So the source of this problem is most likely located between my desk chair and my keyboard, i.e. me. Since the issue had been appearing ever since I re-installed MCCC, I am presuming that it is somehow related to my problem.


Long story short: my unplayed households are eagerly marrying among each other, moving the NPCs around, etc. Also the game has once more begun filing up empty lots although I have disabled this in my game settings. And this annoys me to no end because I can't figure out how to turn it off.


Does anyone know how I prevent

1)  MCCC from overriding the "don't fill empty lots" command of the game?

2) NPC sims from breaking up NPC households and marrying without me consent? (That sounds like a god complex right there, doesn't it?)


I'd be much obliged for any hints on how to prevent this from happening.  Thanks in advance.

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MCCC has both the settings you mentioned and both can be disabled. I'm not absolutely sure but iirc they can be be found in the Tuning module (although marriages might be in Relationships, I did all the setup a couple of updates ago), where you can also change stuff like culling etc.

If you can't find the settings, take a look at the documentation (just google "mc command center", it's the first result there).

As for "filling empty lots": That one got reset in the game settings once for me, so maybe double check - just to be sure.

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A little note, as I need to correct myself now that I'm back at my home computer: Settings regarding autonomous marriage are found in the Tuner module, while everything regarding households and filling empty lots is in Population - both need to be accessed via a computer, as they are global settings. There's a value for how many houses are left empty that is set to 1 by default, but you can change that to 100 (max) and never worry about it again. The relationship submenu under MCCC's settings has nothing to do with either of these two things.

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