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Dragonborn is now out on PC, and chock-full of bugs

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The DLC's now out, but I'm seeing a lot of people reporting the DLC is EXTREMELY buggy. There's also mod conflicts abound with it, including a current major incompatibility with Dragonborn and USKP!


I dunno about you guys, but I'm thinking I'm gonna wait at least a couple of weeks for the mod makers to get their stuff updated before I start up a new save with Dragonborn in it. Oh well, at least it'll give me time to make a list of mods I want to use.

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Well plenty of people bitch about bugs but more then half of these reports are because of mods, wich need to be updated for the dlc and that is going to take a while.
They just install tons of mods without having basic knowledge how the whole system works and then rage.

Although im not sure if im going to get dragonborn at all, waiting is definitely a good thing, or you can just copy your whole skyrim folder as a backup, install the dlc and if it farks up your game, just copy back the backup

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I got it. I love it :D


I do have a little more lag than is normal, but that tends to sort out if I go to map and give everything a moment to settle. I haven't yet run into any conflicts with my mods, so I gotta say it was worth staring at the download bars lol 

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No serious problems so far outside of animations not working because Fore done goofed the .hkx generation process.  Due to this, new animations won't play, so, say, the worshippers around the funky pillars won't do their worship anim, and you can't use the "float up" anim in the Telvanni tower.


Other than that, one lockup fighting a Lurker.  No other issues.

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Yeahhhhh.....I'm going to wait until the bugs get worked out. I hated losing my save files when Dawnguard came out, I'm not in a big hurry to go through that again.


Same here. Mind you, I can wait to play it since I've still not done all that much on my main, I'm a very slow player.

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Guest Lady Luck

i did notice some bugs when you got through neloth and man that astral elevator on  his home failed ... i try to go up and it didn't teleport me upstairs ... why can't elves use stairs like everybody >.>

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I still have to finish the main quest of Skyrim, the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild and then do Dawnguard. 230 hours and I haven't finished like half the game; too busy wandering like in Oblivion, Fallout 3 and NV. Oh, and starting a new character because so many fucking NPCs died due to dragons and vampires doesn't help either.


TL;DR: don't fucking care about Dragonborn right now, still got plenty of shit to do.

PS: waiting until it goes on sale to get it anyway, so I give even less of a shit.

PPS: waiting for all the bugs to be ironed out as well.

PPPS: this is funny, by the way.

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Meh out of boredom went and checked some reviews, overall they pretty positive, but why am i not surprised by this :

(taken from ign review)


"Dragonborn’s biggest new feature is arguably the ability to ride
dragons. You don’t gain the skill to do so until you learn all three
words of a new Dragon Shout, which happens at the end of the main quest.
When you finally do, you’re probably going to be a bit disappointed.
It’s not a completely passive experience, a la Grand Theft Auto IV’s
taxi rides, but it’s only a step above that. You can command your
winged, scaly beast to land, lock onto targets, and attack, but that’s
it. No airborne quests or other shenanigans. Any dreams you have of
flying freely around Solstheim and Skyrim, snatching town NPCs in your
dragon’s clutches, then dropping them to their doom from a mile-high
altitude are going to have to stay dreams for now."


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Has anybody runned Dragonborn through TES5Edit so as to have an idea of how many dirty, wild edits and deleted refferences it has? (because Update ESM,Dawnguard and Hearthfire had tons of).Dirty edits and the other above referenced incorporated 'bugs' with the official DLCs, cause problems ONLY to modded games and not vanilla ones!It would be nice to know if a heavily modded game (with custom models,HD textures and animation enchancements) suffered from bugs after a TES5Edited DB DLC installation.Also in the Nexus page of the Unofficial DB patch, lots of users mention repeatedly problems of dragon souls absorbment inability in Solstine (in most cases a dragons overhaul mod such as Deadly Dragons was used) and also inability to activate the levitation fuctionality ,needed to proceed during quests!Also there seems to be problems with the display of new animations being intoduced, if FNIS was present (Though Fore rushed to update his generator for DB).Has anybody tested DB with all the above so as to see how much Bethesda screwed up this time?(Surely there must be tons of bugs related with meshes,textures and quest issues but IF the Skyrim version hasn't been updated from v. (which was introduced with the dlc before Dawnguard),i find it really strange to have so many fanctionality bugs.Also does creation kit work with DB installed or it needs to edit SkyrimEditor.ini by adding at "SResourceArchiveList2'' the Dragonborn.bsa line for it to work?(like in Dawnguard)


P.S.:Are the textures HI-res?

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I did not “clean” my Dragonborn ESM because it might contain legitimate records which TESVEdit is yet unable to handle. TESVEdit might write the ESM back to disk with important data missing. ITM and (to some extend) DR “errors” in top loaded master files don't really matter. While I am always the first one to cry: “Clean your mods!” I would advise caution this time.

The problems with the USKP (Unofficial Skyrim Patch) have already been dealt with. Download the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch and make sure it is loaded AFTER the USKP. Its just a hotfix because the Dragonborn script source code is not yet available but it works. You will get some dragon soul related vanilla bugs back but the DLC and the main game will work.

The FNIS related problems have also been fixed. Just install the 3.4.1 version of FNIS, run the generator program again and you're good to go.

Personally, I am very, very impressed by the speed this stuff has been addressed.

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I seen plenty of people raging that the final boss was very easy, typical bethesda design, ambition with no fruition...hype and sell.


The first time i saw them hyping dragon riding i knew it would be shit...proly going to pass on this one.

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I actually like it so far. Didn't care for the dragon riding at all anyway and the main quest is suprisingly interesting so far (not like my expectations were that high after Skyrim's main quest anyway) but the best thing so far is to finally see something else than the boring-ass Skyrim terrain (love the Morrowind influence). Lets see if it continues like that.

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I actually like it so far. Didn't care for the Dragon riding at all anyway and the main quest is suprisingly interesting so far (not like my expectations were that high after Skyrim's main quest anyway) but the best thing so far is to finally see something else than the boring-ass Skyrim terrain (love the Morrowind influence). Lets see if it continues like that.

Yeah i bet the morrowind setting is bringing back alot of nostalgic memories, i dont care about the dragon riding that much, was just saying i had a feeling they wouldnt bother putting any serious work in it...so basicaly gameplay wise its more of the same, with just different terrain.


Seeing speedynl's post about finishing the main quest in 1-2 hours is kinda not very convincing to me that this dlc is any better then the ones before, then again skyrim main quest wasnt that long either, just alot of running arround.

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I'm not done, by far, with the main quest... and I don't care.. I found a Silt Strider! I've missed Morrowind, and I can't wait to see where people mod this :D

Speaking of which, this has convinced me to look into the CK. (Something I haven't done since Morrowind) So wish me luck lol

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