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My Sim won't Woohoo with one Sim in particular + My Sim can't go to work since command is auto-cancelled

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So first issue: There's one female Sim in particular which my Sim can't interact with. I get them to Woohoo, my sim gets naked and ready but nothing else happens, the other sim remains fully clothed, (btw, non-kinkyworld interactions don't seem to work either) they just stand there until the action is "completed" and then my Sim goes home, but then re-appears naked where the Woohoo was supposed to happen, super weird. 


Second issue: My Sim was unemployed and one day he got a frustration mood from not getting a promotion apparently, and it wouldn't go away. So I decided to get him a new job to see if that mood would go away. I tried with different careers but when the car pool got to my house, the command "go to work" would show up and immediately dissapear, it didn't even show the red cross over the icon when you cancel something. I've tried getting closer to the workplace but my sim just won't go to work. Anyway, small tip: The other day I send my sim to the spa because, why not, got him the most expensive treatment and that made the "frustration" go away for 5 days, I'm pretty sure the "no promotion frustration" mood or whatever, will come back and it's not a big issue, but still, maybe someone knows why my sim can't go to work? Autonomy levels are low.





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Confirm some information please:


Sims 3?  Version?


Basic system specs.....


Woohoo? Mod or default?


Work? Rabbithole?


Any mods at all?




Is the female Sim playable, or an NPC (if you don't know the difference, you'll need to educate yourself).


Have you tried taking your Sim to the front door of the place they work, and then "send them to work"?


I could go on like this for pages - time for you to see where this is going and help out with enough good information, since at this point I'd just say " you have a bad installation - try reinstalling the game".  We need some tech info on the tech support page.


Why is this request here at LL? This is a modding site, and you've mentioned no mods.


Ahhh....... now you see - good! Waiting on new info to help you out!

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Well, since others likely read this, and as is, a dead end for info, I'll try to expand on some things from the OP as is with no specific info.


If a sim has the ambitious trait - success in a job is needed to keep 'unwanted' moodlets from being acquired by that sim. Promotions and Raises lower what ever 'counter' the game uses to determine if a negative moodlet is applied. Working from home on a computer also seems to help, since they also earn a small amount of capital from this venture. But one must have a job to 'work from home'.


If in doubt - reset your sim. For the most part it will clear the cache of queued events, but try to be at home doing nothing (you can lose vehicles this way - same as loading a save made while the sim is driving somewhere).


As for 'woohoo'. Sounds like you have no animations which are recognized by the game, so it does the only thing it can do - stand there and wait till another animation which IS recognized begins to play (EA defaults).


Because KW is script heavy, it's possible the 'get dressed queue' is pushed back while others take precedent. Then when the game attempts to satisfy the 'get dressed' command, it snaps the Sim back to the location it should of originally taken place. While rare, I've had sims 'move' to strange positions (away from the original position, at a different angle) when changing animations during Woohoo. This never seems to self correct when further animations are played. Once the 'event' is over then everything works normally. I cannot force this abstraction of the event to happen, so am unsure of where to begin if wanting to understand/fix it.


There are settings in KW and Nraas Woohooer which affect the ability of NPC's to get 'involved' with these actions, both autonomously, and by default.


If you have animations installed - are they in the correct place -AND- are the animations made for the 'sex' framework you're using?


I got to go! Good luck to any reading this if you shared any of the same problems.

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