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Classic Quest Books

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Herein, you will now find available books and tomes that can and will assist you in finishing the multitude of tasks that appear within Tamriel.


Not every book may be as complete as others.  Not every book is listed in an entertaining prose style.   But every book should give you  a heads-up on what to expect in both Nirn and beyond.


Most books have anywhere between 40 to 100 pages, only a couple with page count less than 10. And one book has a massive 150 page first-person perspective. Roughly have include extra graphics, though the content of the Daedra book includes required location graphics.

This package requires a mere two files:



Both of these go within your Data Folder.  Activate and it will run no problem.







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The first time I actually had to bump this.


I received a few requests to reduce the size of some of the larger-meshed books. Some were having issues with bookcases, and I found... yep, the large ones are a pain.  So while the actual prose hadn't changed, the book jackets to some have.  No change was made to the .esp file. Only the .bsa in the package needs replacing.

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