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Help me find this item

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I have some mod that adds an item called "Jug of milk" and if I have this item in my inventory and I open the inventory, I crash to desktop. I can remove this item with player.removeitem <id> <number> sure. That works as a temporary fix but I really don't know which mod this is from if there's missing assets like a model, I could just install the mod that has this. I tried milk mod economy assets but that wasn't the mod apparently. If you have any ideas what other mods add a "Jug of milk" please let me know. I can probably then look at it's dependencies.

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I must have a better class of mod - I have 'jug of fresh milk' in my game. ? Just been in Windhelm and Sadri was selling it and a 'Morrowind chef' lady from Enemy Plus who hangs out in the corner club.

I bought a jug to see what mod it was from but forgot to look. ?


I don't use food/needs mods.


EDIT: I looked and my fresh milk comes from Hearthfire and CACO.

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1) Download "AddItemMenu"

2) Open one by one Item List ( search all )

and ofc. search for mod that cause crash



It don't have to "add" new object to game

Some poor modders just edit already existing items in game


once i found Russian mod that cause crash once u enter Perks

this Mod add new Outfit... pretty ugly outfit actually... Idk why but he change one leveling perk and make it infinite :P


CK is too stupid to handle infinite Perks xDDD

Well at least vanilla Perks because Script Perks can be Infinite without problems :D



and if I have this item in my inventory and I open the inventory, I crash to desktop.

Looks like "read" problem, You got no error after game quit to desktop right?...


Just CLEAR your inventory ( start new game with for example: coc QASmoke ) and do as i said

Use AddItemMenu to search for mod that cause problem :x... its probably one of your last added mod ( it will be on bottom of AIM menu )




U can also upload your game Load Order:

X:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Skyrim -> plugins.txt


Windows+R -> %appdata% -> back ( cd .. ) -> local -> Skyrim

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