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This mod adds various armors which have been adapted to use the Bouncing Butts physics. This means your characters butt will wiggle like Better Bouncing Boobs does.

All conversions are Better Bouncing Boobs enabled.


These are all the current conversion release so far.
You can download each one individually or download Ark of Truth's shop package if you wish to have all the armors in one download.

Please note you DO NOT need the shop download if you are downloading the armors individually. If you are downloading the shop mod you DO NOT need to download the individually packages.

*Double Melon Round Ass Body (BButts Version)*
*Updated* Seamless 24/7 Thanks to Nephenee13

*Bounter Hunter (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*Chloe Set (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*Priestess Of Dibella (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*Witch Long Dress (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*Sophitia Armor (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*DMRA - Final Fantasy (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*DMRA - Candy Cane (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*DMRA - Lady Moon Jasmine (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*DMRA - Ravenous Elegance (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*DMRA - Milla Outfit (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*DMRA - Black Leather Outfit (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*DMRA - Blood Rayne (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*DMRA - Cute Summer Outfits (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*DMRA - SG Nabiya and Santa Girl (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*

*DMRA - Tactical Wears (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*DMRA - Velvet Rose (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*DMRA - ANB Micro Bikini (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*



*Taki Missle (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*



*Ghost Armor Variants (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*



*Samus' Zero Suit (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*Fur Armor Replacer (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*Chainmail Armor Replacer (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*Snake Armor (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*


*Dark Light Armor (DMRA BBB+BButts Version)*





If you have download an individual armor pack you can find it at the following location.

Final Fantasy
Chest it is in the port area of the Imperial City, near the abandoned hut.

Ravenous Elegance
In the testing hall.

Candy Cane Outfit
Automatically added to inventory.

Located inside Fort Alessia (south if the Imperial City)

Sinbloods Sister Nightfall
Currently not released

SPB Bodysuit
Currently not released

Black Leather Outfit
Purchase from Divine Elegance

Blood Rayne
Worn by a new NPC just inside Fort Carmala

Cute Summer Outfits
Purchase from Divine Elegance

SG Nabiya and Santa Girl
In a Chest, Front of A Lotus Pond, IC Market District

Tactical Wears
Purchase from Divine Elegance

Velvet Rose
Somewhere in the game world

ANB Micro Bikini
IC Waterfront on the wall

Taki Missle
A bag on the pirate ship, located in the IC Waterfront

Zero Suit
Automatically added to inventory

Ghost Armor Variants
Imperial City Arena

Snake Armor
A chest in the IC arena

Dark Light Armor


Ark of Truth's Shop Mod

This mod adds a shop to Weye to the left of the Wawnett Inn or directly behind you if you use the Wawnett Inn fast travel marker.

The shop features all the currently released armors as well as a few extras which are listed below.

- 3 companions
- Extra ghost variants
- Lootable enchanted versions of armors from bandits



You will need the following to make this work correctly.

One of the following compatible skeletons

BBB Ragdoll Breast Physics - Growlfs Skeleton by killermonkey99(Recommended)

Deedes Maximum Compatibility Skeleton

1st Person Skeleton Hotfix for Deadly Reflex 6 Beta

One of the following skeletons compatible animations

BBB for Umpa SexyWalk

Pretty Woman - Animation Replacer (Recommended)

Stylish Jump - Animation Replacer (Recommended, allows bouncing during jumps)

NoMaaM BBB Animation Replacer

Natural Walk - Animation Replacer

Mad Companionship Spells 2.5 (Need for companion control, CM Parters not supported)


Installing the requirements properly
In order to make this mod work correctly the requirements must be install correctly. There is how to do so.

1. Install Oblivion Mod Manager (Proceed to step 2 if installed already)
2. Install your chosen skeleton by draging and dropping the files into Oblivion's data folder.
3. Install your chosen animation by draging and dropping the files into Oblivion's data folder.
4. Install the armors from this mod you wish to use by draging and dropping the files into Oblivion's data folder.
5. Enable BSA Redirection in Oblivion mod manager (Ignore this step if it is already working)

- Open Oblivion Mod Manager
- Select 'Utilities' on the right side of the window.
- Select 'Archive Invalidation'


- Select 'BSA Redirection'
- Click on 'Update Now'


If you wish to uninstall the mod simply delete the meshes and textures used by the armors from your data folder.

The file folders which need to be deleted can be found here.


Sometimes even after following the instructions you may have problems which you need to get help with. You can get help using one of the following methods.

Method 1: Post a support request in the thread.

Method 2: Contact me through PM. "Click here to do so"

Method 3: Contact Ark of Truth through PM. "Click here to do so"


Thank you to

4as - bouncing butt concept
Ark of Truth - huge help, boss of the shop :D
FlingingFeces - really just awesome awesome texture job FTW
gregathit - very very helpful person :)
Grumpf - Shop help, bugfix, testing, and so much more
GSBModders - started everything, BB tutorial and so many helpful stuff
LoversLab - my home
Mailamea - My inspiration for modding :angel:
Patzy - DMRA conversions
Thorazine - Alot of things from tutorials to DMRA conversions
Jerbsinator - without him my gifs aren't possible :D



The custom races used during the demonstrations of the armors included in this mod are not available for download period either in part or full. These custom races have been designed by Mailamea and Ark of Truth for their private use. Due to this these races can be used in the demonstrations of this mod.



You are NOT allowed to use any materials within this mod for your own mods.


Click here to download this file

Edited by Ark of Truth
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This one: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/40957


This one is an epic win though. Not sure... if they have a matching panty. But you can always made one and use the bra texture for the BB-[bouncing Butt] panty of them.





Someday,perhaps someday i'll make us a summer beach filled with Hentaimania bikini island of these and with watermelon atronaches, sandy crabs, dolphins, mermaids, mermans and so much more~!!! :heart:


Name yourself a good MMORPG Beach vacation dungeons like COMODO isle or GIGANTE isle.


Topless Muscly hawaian female are also one of my favorite and elven coconut dryad. :heart: oh ..and maneating plants, gorillas and the dreaded Elasmosaurus and great white sharks.

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I believe dibellas watch is the only appropiate place for summer vacations.






It's the only place of beauty fitting for generating tourist and assorted bikini and beach life activity. I mean it has oasis, grotto and a lot of stuff.


Have you been into their church and main cathedral?

.. The priest wearing bikini running the whole building.. SERIOUSLY~!!


Can't remember the last time i visit rio-de-jeniro, but then it's probably the sexiest beach if not overly crowded with huge number of mobs during high season. (at least they weared bathing suit).


and of course they don't wear bikini on church.. (*the brazilian, i mean.)

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ok guys which anb biking would you like converted there are many of them just have diff textures. I cant do all of them ryt now bec when the conversions reaches to 5 im gonna release it.


@triratna: me likey. Just knowing the places back story makes me interested.


@dominus: welcome :D

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