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LF sexlab dialog mod that simply starts a rape scene with player as victim

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I know there's quite a number of mods that sounds like what I want in the title, but please believe me when I say I've been through and tried out most of them. So do hear me out.


I'm looking for a mod which includes a simple dialogue option that starts a sexlab scene between the npc and the player, animations doesn't have to be aggressive but the player needs to be flagged as a victim reason being I have other mods which does stuff to the player the more she goes through "rape" or scenes that has her flagged as the victim. And also because I turned off player controls in scenes where the player is a victim, so I dont have to keep smashing the space button for the scene to move on as I yeetus my skeetus. Would be nice if there is a percentage chance that it includes other nearby NPCs for threesomes etc


Reason I'm asking for this is because many of the slavery mods aren't as immersive or too controlling for my tastes, so I prefer to keep it "free and easy" as in I put restraints on my player, set her to the same faction as the enemies, and then keep her around there until my d20 dice rolls decides that hey, it's time for her to gtfo. One big problem I'm facing is that I rely heavily on mods like Sexlab Approach Redux to initiate aggressive sexlab scenes, and it doesn't work with every approach plus it has a low triggering frequency.


I know there are mods like Follow me for sex, but it doesn't really flag the scenes as aggressive nor flag the player as a victim so I still have to tap the spacebar with my left hand and sad fap with my right while I slowly contemplate my life choices.


Anyways, I would appreciate any help if you guys have any good recommendations for said sexlab dialogue mods or if anyone is interested in making a mod like that, that would be great too.

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