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Permanent FPS drops after going outside

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I've recently been experiencing a bug that really been confusing me. When I go outside my FPS goes from 60 to about 8 (which is very low, usually my FPS doesn't get any lower than 30 outdoors), and weirder still, my FPS never recovers when entering an interior cell. Normally it would go right back up to 60. Restarting in the interior cell brings my FPS back. Does anyone know why this could be happening?


Edit: I've noticed that my outdoor FPS is actualy around 15-16, then going indoors lowers it to around 8.

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52 minutes ago, mastga said:

From loading a save in an interior, it starts at 60 FPS, then lowers to 15 going to an exterior, then when going to another interior it further lowers to 8.

Probably, your is problem caused by the physics of the game. You must have some bad installed, a bad skeleton or a bad configuration in CBP or SMP. Revise the configuration and disable any clothes, armor, hair or elements with physics for determine if the the problem is in the base body or in other side.

And of course, make test with nude body, with clothes, with armors, with elements...

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