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  1. Yes, the problem is different, excuse me... The zlota problem is caused because, in the new versions, an actor can not be animated again until their thread has been reset. Is a derived consequence of the control to remove the jumping actors. In the function UnlockActor() of sslActorAlias try removing the line ActorRef.SetFactionRank(AnimatingFaction, 0) and, theoretically, that must solve the problem. My problem... i'm not sure... I make a test in a New Game with default animations and defaults values in the MCM and everything is working good. Can be a problem inside my savegame. I go to clean my savegame, make a Reset of SexLab and make more test.
  2. It doesn't work ... I have this problem with SLAA and thought it could be caused by something I changed, but that can't be because the animation starts well and is replaced correctly. So the problem cannot be related to SLAA because, after the Change Actors, SLAA does absolutely nothing more. The problem seem to be related to the change stage because the problem only show when the animation change the stage, from 1 to 2 or from 2 to 3 or from 3 to 4...
  3. Increase the value of the parameter Wait before clone (read the main page) Probably, SexLab need a bit more of time to make the Change Actors and the Change Stage. The Real Actors are selected randomly using a SexLab function. I can not give any preference in any way. The actors in "knock down or bleed out" have exactly the same probability to be selected as a live actor. The problem with the dead actors is a problem in the game that only happen in specific locations. The SexLab validation code say: Some specific locations in the game have dead actors to create ambient and the Beth creators mark it as dead but not remove their life points. Then, in some specific locations, sometimes, SexLab can select one of that actors because are dead but have more than 1 point of life. Happen to me, exactly, in Forelhost.
  4. The SlaveTats MCM have a limit of 12 tats. You can use my mod STMM to add and manage more than 12 tats in each area. I see people managing up to 24 in body, 8 in hands, 12 in head...
  5. Yes, the select Clone option must not show when the animation have creature. Solved in Beta5. SLAA1.2-BETA5.rar
  6. I'm think in that possibility because the relationships in the game are, practically, not used. I have an advanced idea but I not know how many people can have interest on it. Require only relationship greater than cero=0 is not enough, from my point of view, and i thinking on use the entire relationship tree, that is included in the base game and practically nobody use, to limit and control the NPC's inside the animation and create interactions with the NPC's outside the animation. For example, Gerdur is married with Hood and Ralof is his brother. Gerdur, by pure logic, only can be inside an animation with Hood. Ralof, of course, permit it. But Gerdur can not be inside an animation with their brother Ralof, that is unacceptable. And if you, the DragonBorn, or any other NPC start an animation with Gerdur and Hood or Ralof see it the thing can go a bit hard. For example, the animation can be canceled, a very hard conversation can be started and the relationship of the actors can be severe damaged. The same can be applied to every relation boss-worker. For example, if you go to the Banned Mare and start an animation with Saadia, if Hulda see you, the thing can be a bit hard, because is a worker and, in working hours, Saadia must serve the clients. But, if the inn is practically empty, maybe Hulda is enough aroused and can join the animation. If the inn have a bit of clients, probably Hulda not join the animation, because someone must serve the clients. If the inn is plenty full of clients, the animation can be canceled and the conversation can be hard. Or, if we have an orgy in the inn running a lot of animations, probably Hulda join, no matter how many clients have the inn, because a lot of them are making very interesting things. The Relationship Examiner can be used to monitor what exact NPCs are within the animation, changing it with SLAAs on the fly, so as not to have NPCs within blood relation within the same animation, prohibiting incest and monitoring NPCs outside of the animation to not to allow a married person to be fucked in front of their spouse while they simply watch or, using some modifications, clapping. That is unacceptable. The idea is here, is a complex development, but is aberrant, from my point of view, that nobody develop a system to prohibit incest in SexLab while the Sims have it from a lot of years ago. The bad part of the idea is the multiple interceptions that can have the system with any others mods because cancel the animation and start a hard conversation with a scene can break a lot of mods.
  7. That option can require a Cell Scan every time an animation is started, or at least, a secondary quest with a lot of alias, to catch every nearby NPC. The overcharge in the game can be excessive to be justified. If you want have a total control, using Real Actors, disable the automatic system and the clone system and use the dialog or the spells. Using dialog SLAA can select a random Real Actor to be added to the animation. Using the spells you can decide what exact NPC you want add to what exact animation. I'm not sure what "clone dialogue" or message box are you referring. The dialog are manual and all the messages can be disabled in the MCM. Please, be more precise or put a screenshot.
  8. Strange, really strange, because this mod can not have any relation to the problem and cannot cause any collision of any kind with any other mod. The Khajiit not have any problem in my game: Nobody reported a similar problem. Put your plugin list to take a look.
  9. You can not use Are You Here to place an Actor. You only can move the Actor to the Player or move the Player to the Actor, or put a map maker or make the Actor Essential. You can get the Base Actor with Are You Here and open the console to type "player.placeatme [base_code]" to generate an NPC and talk to it to add the NPC to the Clone List. But that generated actor must be deleted using again the console and typing "disable" and "markfordelete" because if you not make that the generated NPC can cause problems in the game.
  10. Not make test with a pure vanilla game. A lot of things are BAD predefined in the vanilla game. The tools and the patch's correct it and for that we have it. Download and run BethIni in Legendary and Special and repeat the test. You can have a BIG difference. Install USLEEP (Legendary) and USSEEP (Special) and repeat the test. You can have a BIG difference. Install SKSE with Memory Patch in Legendary and repeat the test. You can have a BIG difference. Install Crash Fixes 12 in Legendary and repeat the test. You can have a BIG difference. Install Engine Fixes in Special and repeat the test. You can have a BIG difference. The tools are here because some some persons waste weeks or months making it and we need it.
  11. The main cause of low frame rate in Skyrim is Single Core performance because is a DirectX 9 game. Watch my videos again and notice that in the vanilla game, I have more frame rate but the average GPU usage is close to 50%, the same as I have when I run my modified game. My frames drop from 60 to 30 because the game must make double of the Draw Calls and my CPU waste a lot of time doing it. My simple GTX 660 2gb uses only 50% in both configurations because ONE Single Core of my CPU can't execute ALL of those Draw Calls fast enough. I thinking on buy a new computer but i go to wait, at least, until Cyberpunk 2077 or another big game like it is published. For now, I have enough computer to play Skyrim at 1920x1080 with average 50 FPS and 250 plugins with 300 mods without any big downside, simply low frame rate some times. I not like fantastic graphics because i perfectly know that need computer power and i not have it. Is stupid request have a perfect, stable and beautiful game with my hardware. But at least, i get the best as i can have. The main difference from Intel to AMD is always price/performance and the difference from Nvidia to AMD is, in the same way, price/performance. Buy one of the other is more a personal preference than a technical decision. The two products give, in practice, the same average performance by the same price. Always one product give more performance under specific test but we not go to run a specific game or program. We go to run a lot of programs and games and looking the average performance is indifferent one of the other. Buy the product that you like and not worry about the specific performance of one of the components.
  12. Your FX-8350 have practically the same performance than my i5-4460 and i have yours same problems. This is the eternal problem of the mono-thread DirectX 9 games. Skyrim Legendary is a DirectX 9 game and the only solution is more computer power. The problem is caused because ONE single core get 100% usage and cause the frame drop. DirectX 9 is mono-thread and only ONE core must make all the Draw Calls. When that core get 100% we have the frame drop. I recorded two videos, one in a practically pure vanilla game and the other in my normal game, with 250 plugins and 300 mods, and you can see how, every time i get lower frame rate is because one of my 4 cores get 100% usage. Look the videos some times and each time look specifically one of the parameters. Look how the frame rate and frame time drop when ONE core get 100% usage. Look how the number of triangles and the number of Draw Call change depending on what i have in the screen. In the pure vanilla video the triangle count up to 1.5 millions and the Draw Calls up to 37k giving 50-60 FPS. But with all my mods i have 3-4 millions of triangles and 50-60k Draw Calls giving me near 30 FPS. My 6 years old machine, i5-4460 + GTX 660 2GB, can not give me a constant frame rate of 60 but allow me play with average 50 FPS because i expend low time in the cities and i perfectly know that, depending of what i have in the screen, i get more o less frames. Simply moving the camera my game change from 30 to 60 and i continue playing. As you are a power user enable the individual core monitor in AfterBurner and put the update to 100 ms or less to verify that the problem is caused by one and only one of your 8 cores. The only way of have more frames in a DirectX 9 game is put more computer power. As more fast is the CPU less time need to make each Draw Call and as more power full is the video card less time need to process each Draw Call. Resuming, only a i7-9xxx or i9-7xxx or a Ryzen 5 or 7 with a RTX video card can give you a perfect and constant frame rate in a mono-thread DirectX 9 game. All is based in pure combined computer power. For that we have DirectX 11, that is multi-thread, and we go to have DirectX 12, that can make much more Draw Calls per mili second.
  13. Made. Put the slider "Chance of Search - Create Actors" in 101 to select CLONE in NPC-NPC. SLAA1.2-BETA4.rar No, while the NPC exist inside the game and have a Base Actor SLAA can clone it. No matter if the NPC is Alive, Dead, Vanished or Desintegrated. For example, if you can add Katria to the Clone List SLAA can create a clone of Katria in any moment. But, of course, never remove the mark of Special NPC's in the Clone List because are automatically removed from the Clone List and to add the NPC again to the Clone List you need talk to it and that is imposible if the NPC is Dead, Vanished or Desintegrated.
  14. Made. Put the slider "Ignore Animations with Player" in -1 to not show the message. SLAA1.2-BETA3.rar
  15. The problem is caused by Faster Weapon Swing and must affect every player of the mod because the problems happen in a pure vanilla game with only Skyrim + DLC's + Alternate Start + Faster Weapon Swing. The mod have a cloak to add the effect to every nearby NPC but the spell not have the flags No Hit Effect/Event and the game detect the spell as a hit that, of course, wake up the draugs: Simply, activating that flags in the CK the the OnHit Event is not fired and the draugs continue sleeping:
  16. If you talk about animations with Player Character, sorry but no. When the Player is one of the actors in the animation, SLAA always displays a message box asking if you want SLAA to add a New NPC to the animation with Player. The "Ask Player to Join" option is used to decide if YOU want the Player go to be added to an NPC-NPC animation when searching for real actors does not find an available actor. But the question "Do you want to add a New NPC to YOUR Animation" will always come up because is YOUR Animation and is YOUR decision.
  17. Skyrim.ini -> [General] -> fEncumberedReminderTimer=3600 (in real time seconds, then 3600 seconds = 1 time for each hour of play)
  18. Some problem you must have with your savegame. This mod is very small and simply. Is really strange can cause any problem.
  19. I really doubt your problem can be related to this mod but try disable STMM and look if you can load your savegame. All I can imagine is the string table bug. Do you have Crash Fixes?
  20. Thanks for the detailed report and not worry about your configuration. That problem is a FAIL in the version 1.1 that i find while develop the version 1.2 to add the Clone List. I'm making the final test of 1.2 and, probably, can publish it today or tomorrow.
  21. That number is gigantic. Any number over 200 Active Scripts is excessive. The game can accumulate a bit of scripts some times, under stress circumstances, and the Active Scripts count can up to 400 or 800 whitout any problem, under puntual situations, because that scripts can easily be executed by the game. But 10K??? That is a bad mod generating scripts as crazy and consuming all the memory and resources of the game. Try locate it, take a look to the savegame and look what mod is generating that gigantic amount of scripts.
  22. Put it to take a look, can give some clues, but the papyrus.log never say the cause of the CTD. Is a buffered file and, when the game made CTD, the last lines of the log are never written. Yours CTD are really random, totally random without any relation between them? Happen in the same way in a New Game? Or maybe happen only when you load your savegame?
  23. I presume some thing is bad computed in the scripts or the merges are not processed correctly. Read this post and the entire conversation because show exactly the same problem by the same motive. The numbers are very similar as you show and the CTD happen in the same way: And the script show a very similar numbers in my game with only 250 ESP's and a bit of merges: From my point of view, the script have some fail, but i can not find the problem inside the script. Maybe is a fail in Tes5Edit or inside the game because is practically imposible that the script show similar numbers in my game, with 290 mods and a bit of merges, than in your game with 600 mods and a lot of merges. Then, follow the voice of the experience, mark some of yours pluging as ESM and look if that solve your problem.
  24. With 600 mods you can get the Limit of 1 Million of Object References. Convert some of yours ESP's in EMS's with Tes5Edit.
  25. While the game have free RAM, your Video Card have free Vram and the tats have MipMaps, no problem. That are the only motives to have problems when use tats.
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