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Skyrim Slower Than Smell

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SO, I downloaded a genesis emulator, and suddenly my graphics card are no longer good enough to run Skyrim at anything higher than 1 frame per 10 seconds or so.


I checked my DirectX and it is all good, but Modded/unmodded is just inching along.

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have you tried getting rid of whatever it is you downloaded? does the gpu work like it should in other games? do you have a GPU bundled on your CPU so there's the possibility that skyrim is running off of that instead of the discrete gpu?

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download msi afterburner (with rivatuner), go to settings and add GPU usage, GPU clock frequency, gpu memory clockspeed, gpu memory usage to the display, then run skyrim and tell me what the values look like. what we're looking for is either GPU running at it's limit or running out of available memory (all that provided the emulator did not make your skyrim run off of APU, the tiny gpu bundled with cpu). also is the main menu just as bad or does the problem start once in-game?

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when you click the cog icon it will take you to options menu, in there you can click on "monitoring" tab and add specific values to the in-game display. core clock, mem clock, mem usage, power draw, each cpu core usage are useful for finding the bottlenecks. my guess is that whatever you did made skyrim run on your cpu instead of gpu

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I think is much more easy use GpuZ because can monitor, in a simultaneous way, the use of each video card:







Install GpuZ, open it and let it open while you start and play the game. Look the ussage of each video card for discover what video card are ussing the game. Can be the integrated video card or the Nvidia GTX.

If the game are ussing the integrated video card try change it in Skyrim Launcher or ussing BethIni.


If the game are ussing the Nvidia GTX, revise the data provided by GpuZ and look specifically the Power ussed by the video card and the speed of the Core Clock and the MemoryClock. Can be a problem in the Power Management configuration of the Nvidia video card.

Open the Nvidia configuration inside the Control Panel and revise it.


If the changes in the Nvidia configuration inside the Control Panel not have effect you can try reinstall the Nvidia drivers selecting manual installation and the tick "Make a correct instalation" 

If all that fail, you can try use Nvidia Inspector for try change the Power parameters.

As last option, you can try DDU and make a total reinstallation of the Nvidia drivers.

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