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  1. when you click the cog icon it will take you to options menu, in there you can click on "monitoring" tab and add specific values to the in-game display. core clock, mem clock, mem usage, power draw, each cpu core usage are useful for finding the bottlenecks. my guess is that whatever you did made skyrim run on your cpu instead of gpu
  2. there are multiple bodies with their own sliders built for bodyslide
  3. tis what you get for running a virus antivirus!
  4. download msi afterburner (with rivatuner), go to settings and add GPU usage, GPU clock frequency, gpu memory clockspeed, gpu memory usage to the display, then run skyrim and tell me what the values look like. what we're looking for is either GPU running at it's limit or running out of available memory (all that provided the emulator did not make your skyrim run off of APU, the tiny gpu bundled with cpu). also is the main menu just as bad or does the problem start once in-game?
  5. nice thread necro build the items in bodyslide first
  6. have you tried getting rid of whatever it is you downloaded? does the gpu work like it should in other games? do you have a GPU bundled on your CPU so there's the possibility that skyrim is running off of that instead of the discrete gpu?
  7. "it's your security, make an effort" line is really dumb. if i am the one making an account then it's up to me whether i care or dont care about that account being hacked or whatever. why does every single site require an email address to register? "it's to get your password back in case you lose it". AND I DONT CARE. it's just another hoop to jump through. if i dont care about the account, why should anyone else? (and yes, i know there are throwaway email services and i do use them) my password isnt stronk enough? cool. hack my nexus account that i only ever use to download mods. th
  8. really? if skyrim wasnt a load of shit there would not be so many stability improving and bug fixing mods digging its' claws into the engine, memory and algorhitms just to make it playable. there's a reason it's called bugthesda. yes, different pc parts can, in fact, cause different technical problems. just look at recent AMD gpu and cpu launches and how many technical issues those had at the beginning. can you provide any numbers to back up your claims about how many players have osallocators enabled?
  9. he wasnt applying smp to npcs, he was equipping SMP armors i have encountered the same problem when migrating from win7 to win10 your SMP XML files have . instead of , in their numbers (or the other way around) now you can fix them (or most, or some) by editing each XML and replacing . with , or the other way around (every single one except for the one that states which version it is or whatever, right at the top, dont touch that one) it can be mostly automated with notepad++ i've no idea why it would work on one system and not the other (maybe different dll?) b
  10. im pretty certain that having loads of armors in your inventory will contribute to memory usage even if you're not viewing them at the moment. but then again if skyrim loaded everything it could into memory every time it was launched it would be impossible to really mod it
  11. you could also try troubleshooting it on your own: 1. try opening a console and typing "help crowd". if this dialogue line shows up along with an ID code, you can trace it to the specific mod in your load order 2. open all SL related mods in tes5edit, expand dialogue/dialoguebranch trees and look for that specific sentence
  12. different codes like 0xF602C5! 0x929FBF! 0xF602E2! 0x929C2C! 0x67917A2B! 0xF602BC! 0xF602C0! 0x929070! 0x922174! 0x776CBF39! 0xF810A0! 0x929C53! 0xF6039F! 0x65437A2B! 0x929070! 0xF602E2! 0xF602C5! 0xF602C5! 0xF602E2! 0x929C2C! 0xDEBFF6! 0x922174! 0xF602C0! 0x94E133! 0x929FBF! 0x776CBF39! 0x929C2C! 0x929C7A! 0x77AABF39! 0x929C2C! 0xF8190E! 0x929FBF! 0x92A165! 0xF602BC! 0xA1961F! 0x92CBD6! 0xF602E2! 0xF80F60! 0x929B50 0xF80F60! 0x50747A2B! ? and you want a tool that will tell you what they mean exactly? well, ive been looking for just that recently and it turns out that such tool existed bu
  13. do you have ENBoost/ENB? do you have UseOSAllocators set to 1 in crashfix ini?
  14. that solved my memory related CTD issue therefore it deserves it's own topic and a pin so that all may know of this achievement
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