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Skyrim Glossy Wet Oiled skin activation

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4096.jpgHello friends,


Looking for some help to apply a glossy wet texture to skins. (Not something simple like light oil on skin i mean EXTREME wet gloss) (almost looks like water on the skin.)


In the old skyrim you were able to do this by changing editing the reflection (gloss amount and power) and environment (specular amount) settings mixture it came out in version 1.22 of ENB series


But in Skyrim SE, Vorinsov developer of ENB series has either not yet implemented the feature or is not going to implement it in the enb series version of skyrim SE because there is another method of applying this gloss which I am not yet skilled to do so. 


I have tried to do this with NiFSkope by editing the glossiness and specular strength settings of "Femalebody_1.nif" 


I have also tried to edit ENB settings within the game, (specular amounts)(reflections)(skinspecular), the game states that it has "screen space reflections" within the game but that is not the same? Or is it? It also only applies to some objects. 



Here is a picture example of what I'm trying to achieve thank you kindly friends

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