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how hard is it to change color of an armor?

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Quick Answer: its no hard at all.


You just need a program that can handle DDS files.

Have a bit of knowledge of how to use said program.

Make the changes you want to make.

Save it as a DDS file again, and then put it in your Skyrim Folder where you got your file.


A free option for a Program would be GIMP + the DDS plugin.

if you need some more help let me know.

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22 minutes ago, BobBerger said:

if you need some more help let me know.

My career involves using hammers and saws ect... most explanation make little sense to me.  An analogy would be to ask me how to build a house... answer: all you need is some nails a hammer and some wood... there is obviously way more to it but those are the tutorials I have seen give the same explanation little at best.

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1: Download and Installation of GIMP and the DDS plugin.

2: Editing the File.

3: Exporting.

4: Installing of the edited file.


1.1: Download Gimp and the DDS plugin

Gimp: https://www.gimp.org/downloads/

DDS plugin: https://code.google.com/archive/p/gimp-dds/downloads download second file of the top

1.2: Now Install Gimp.

1.3: Put the dds.exe into the plug-ins folder of GIMP. *instllation directory of gimp*\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins\


2.1: locate the file that you want to edit.

2.2: Start Gimp

2.3: Open the file file that you want to edit (it will give you a popup, just accept it).

2.4: Click on the Color dropdownmenu and then select Saturation. Drag down the "Scale" value down to 0.

2.5: Click again on Color and then on Brightness-Contrast, play agound with these two vaules unstill you are satisfied with the results.


3.1: Now click on the File dropdownmenu on the top left, go to "Export as", select a folder where you want to export the file, keep the same filename.

3.2: My recommended export settings are the following:

Compression: BC3/DXT5

Format: default

Save: selected layer

Mipmaps: Generate Mipmaps

Advanced settings - Compression: Use perceptial error metric


4.1: Replace the old file with the new one in the installation directory of the mod, in your case it should be \Skyrim\Data\texutres\GrimSovereign\zerosuitsamus\


This is my first tutorial, so please be kind. If it didnt help, i could make the changes for you.


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8 hours ago, woodsman30 said:

Just what the coin says there is an armor I really like but the color does not really fit for me it is this one https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98743

how hard would it be to make it black?

If you don't want try doing it yourself, Melodic also has a version of the Samus suit (you can get the traditional color blue for free here on LL under Melodic's things post)


But she also does color options for Tier one Patreons($3 a month) which has a Black option.





Her stuff is amazing and she does at least 2 new outfits a month sometimes more. 

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