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New Wicked Whims broken my computer game

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Need help please!!!! The person that helped last time disappeared. I tried to message the person that helped me but no reply back. All the files stopped working because of the new Wicked While files I downloaded made my computer crashed. Took all the files out put in separate document file until the problems is fixed. I'm uncertain if my computer Sims 4 will ever work again. Almost all the files is corrupted or broken or virus not sure what to do with my game. I just bought the the Sims 4 Spooky stuff expansion pack online for $5.00 with my gift card. I had $5.17 left in my gift card. And I bought new other expansion pack at the store. Sims 4 Seasons, Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion pack. It wasn't cheap more than $40.00 each, also bought Sims 4 bundle expansion pack of Spa day, Perfect Patio stuff expansion pack. Can anyone please help me please? The regular Sims 4 games is boring without the unique Wicked Whims, other unique files people make I love it so much. I playy games to escape reality. I don't have no friends to talk to me. If no one can't help me. I guess I'll quit asking help, no games for awhile. At least someone helped me. Have a nice night. Sorry to bother or pest you. 


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Is your PC broken now?

Don't you know anyone with computer skills to help?


Does your game run OK now without WW?


Do you have any other mods?


Have you checked PC for virus or maleware?


Run Disk Defrag too.


Run an Origin Repair Install if your game is broken, not a bad idea anyway if you had corrupted files.


WW doesn't cause this to happen unless you download from another unknown site.



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I don't know how to use defrag file download. I'm not technology skill on the computer at all. Only thing I do is download files. I don't have no real friends to help me. I don't have anyone online to help me neither. I already redownload the Sims 4. I redownload other mods Nisas Wicked Perversions, Wicked Whims, the animation sex, other files online. I don't download from other websites too often. Because it also corrupt of doesn't work at all. The only place I download is this place here. Modthesim website, the Sims 4 top free download, Sexysims download files but Sexysims website is broken and shut down. But I'm checking if it works again. I found out it's finally working again. To be honest with you whatever I download and look on the history download files to know what I download and than I take it off and sometimes deleted . But sometimes doesn't always work right. So I removed almost all the files that is corrupted. Sometimes deleted or move it until I know which cause the problems  one at a time. Than I deleted permitedly. Anyways if you can't help me than I don't know what to do anymore. I'll keep on waiting or deleted my post and forget about this lame post that nobody doesn't care to help me.

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Yes it does run fine without Wicked Whim. But I don't want it be without Wicked Whom. Wicked While makes the games more fun. Boring Sims 4 PC games is too boring. When the Sims 4 having sex is boring, they hide under the cover in the bed. When I have the Wicked Whims it's hot and unique, normal realistic like the real world. My life is so boring. Where do I find the Origin repair. I don't think the people online can't help me. I already asked them. They didn't understand what I was talking about. I've tried Defragment file. Doesn't do anything different.  I'll open my computer and reread your message, try again. But I doubt it will change anything. Hopefully get new computer, start over, new everything with lame computer that barely works right. Uncertain anyone can helped me. Will see what happens. Message me if you can tomorrow. But I have my doubt's.

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Your instruction is too complicated for me to understand it. Sorry to waste your time. Like I said to the other guy that helped me he just send me a file to open and I got my  Wicked Whims for the Sims 4  PC computer game to work uniquely anyways sorry to bother you. I don't know what to do with my problems. Saved the files of the Wicked Whims works or forget about asking someone that are more smarter than me. Meaning hackers that are way too smart brain than me. I have no clue what or how to asked for help. At least you tried to help me.

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None of us learned all this stuff overnight so don't be so upset.

Everybody started out just like you.

It takes time learning, reading things online, and trying things out, (by doing it).


People with way better skills than you are having problems with the new EA patch messing up their mods/game, so don't feel too bad.


Most of us here are more than willing to help you if we understand your skill level a bit better.


Some of the basic things you need to know...


Do you know how to extract the compressed files you download?


Do you know how to Copy/Paste files and folders using Windows explorer?


Do you know how to Create new folders and delete them?


Can you find your Username/Electronic Arts/TheSims4/Mods/ folder using Windows Explorer and look at the contents?


If not then you need to learn how or else everything we say you won't understand.

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@Patricia1973 We will help you the best we can. Don't get upset, we are asking you a ton of questions because we need to understand the potential problems. The more we can eliminate a possible cause the better we can help. 


Do you know how to find your computer specs, specifically the amount of RAM and graphics card?


Do/Did you have any other mods installed? 

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First time use of the computer when I was 11 years old at elementary school few years. Only use computer for maths and typing lesson at schools. My dad took me to electronic store and practice how to use the computer at their store. Took few years until I was 24 years old. But my computer acted very weird my monitor went upside down and side way. Until someone instructed me on the telephone before cell phone came in.  But that didn't last very long. So we took it to the shop to get it fixed and they stopped fixing my computer too. I guess they got tired of fixing my computer tower. I'm magnetic personality that screw up computer about 100-200 times. Took few years to afford new computer before my dad pass away. So my mom was the one that took me to Best buy or Fry to get new computer for me.  Computer doesn't want to listen to me and misbehave so bad.  I barely understand all the techno electronic equipment term of what your say. I understand  copy and paste, create new document files, delete, extract and compress , download files, open files. Like I said  I'm not that smart or genes like hacker people at all. Or just send me a files to download and it will work fine. If now I don't know what else to tell you. But that's all I can say for now. I am really sorry I wasted your time. I know it is very difficult and be patient with me. I am trying my best I can to make anyone to understand me.  I just play my Sims 4 boring and nothing special. My life is boring anyways. Message me on kik or not or on here. 

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ScorpioI don't know who helped me today. But his ignoring my message. And now the computer is stuck again and unable to play normal. I just get tired of this stupid game of Sims 4. It's getting ridiculous now . I can't seem to get the Sims 4 game to work normal without anymore complicated shit. Excuse my  language. It's the truth how can anyone play these game with so many complicated things for the games to play for everyone. Can anyone help me please. No more hackers that think they know what their doing.   I have few files downloads to help me to run the game but now its stuck on the whole set off game expansion pack that I don't have yet. I can't sign in my on Origin right or which file to open up. I'm sorry to bother anyone this last.  Please message me on Kik messenger or on here you decide . Doesn't matter anyone.  Not easy to find anyone trustworthy to help me with my problems with my game.I did something wrong with my computer. I might have to clean everything out or something. I just don't know what to do anymore. Just please send me a message on Kik please for god sake help me please . Please be honest with me what your really looking for here no more taken advantage of me. Just be honest with me please? My name is Patricia not sweet anything. Don't push me. Or I will push you back badly. Really need help on game not sexual harassment no more nonsense. 

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I'm unable to reached the guy that screwed up my computer game Sims 4 started up and other files can't opened this really sucks I can't do nothing about it is a ram files I can't removed at all . Because the guy doesn't know what he was doing at all.  I don't have the right Wicked  Whims files to open the files anymore . I really messed up my game completely . I just don't what am I going to do with the game removed and started it up again. Clean everything out of my computer . I can't do this anymore. I'm still waiting for anyone answer how can anyone help me. Hacker almost know what their doing but it really screwed up my computer and game. So what should I do now?  Tell me someone please help me please?  It's very frustrating for me right now.  Message me whenever you see my post . I have no idea what to do anymore I'm lost frustrated. Anger at myself thinking I could trust anyone. But foreign country people don't know what their doing at all. They messed it my life and my game to play I really enjoyed. No one doesn't care. 

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Please just come to the point.

What exactly does not work?

The computer or just the game (legal version)?

And it is Wicked Whims (no other mods or CC at your mods folder)?


Did you update your game to the last version?

Or did you just used the updated WW version for an elder game version?

Game is updated by EA to the last patch?

You should try to use Sims 4 just with updated CAS CC (Sims 4 Studio) and without any build and buy CC (drag this out of your mods folder) but with Wicked Whims (and animation files).




Last time the game crashes mostly because of the >195 bones (CC furnitures) and not updated showers. Unfortunately everyone has to remove this stuff manually by this method. Or to live without this CC furniture, till EA fixes this.



Nobody can help you out of that desaster, it s your turn.


Have in mind: Helpful for technical support is


What do your Sim 4 folders look like? Show a picture!

What does your mods folder look like? Show a picture!


You can take snapshots of your folders in explorer with Windows snipping tool.


Do not try to tell too long stories, that will not help you with your problem, but it is a pain in the ass to puzzle the needed technical informations out of your posts. Sorry dear.


If you ask me, I guess, you just did bit too much without enough knowlegde of the game technic and you will eventually got a mix updated and not updated script mod versions just to have all the needed stuff in a short time. Better try this in a new game with much patience and step by step to find out what works, what doesn´t work. Regular routine if the game crashes. Mine did too!


Nobody cares? Funny, your thread gots more than 267 hits.


It is not the best idea to grow angry or unpatient to the members, have in mind it is everyones free time we spend here. And it is not a good idea too, to „compliment“ foreign country people on an international forum this kind.


Don´t be so silly to use PM help. Noone at LL may detect if this help is okay or if not.

If you need to install the game new, to updated your CC and eventually need to delete the >195bones CC just follow the tutorial above. I fear, no better chance this time for this issues - for all of us.

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I send the pictures of my computer problems Technical  problems I'm having problems the starter and the set-up for Origin and Sims 4 . I missing a lot of files for Wicked Whims woohoo and other files to get them to do anything. The hacker messed and screwed up my computer game, the gallery is missing my own profiles too. But I use the original Origin not the new one that screwed it up. The guy told me clean out all the download files I had it to work but the pop up post turned Orange and screwed up my game, but the new one looks better without the messed up pop up post is normal and Blue. Including few more Sims 4 expansion pack for the Sims 4 game that I don't have is about 23 expansion pack I never had. This 3 desktop isn't working out for me. The other problem is no internet connection without Origin. Do you understand me now ? Do you understand my problems is in the pictures of the  Sim 4 game PC Window 10. At least I tried to make you people understand my problems here. Read it and message me again. 





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You can play the sims in offline mode without an internet connection. However, in the second photo it says you have the CodeX version of the game which is an illegal copy. If you bought the game, you need to delete the CodeX version. You can see how to do that here.  If you do not get rid of the CodeX version we cannot help you as its against the site rules. 

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I thought so I am going to removed those files permittedly it shouldn't be in my game at all. And many other programs files screwed my games package that I only have. Here is the other pictures that looks works almost normal. But it does work but still missing the Wicked Whims woohoo isn't behavior bad not barely good. The sex on woohoo sucks. I did download it but crashed my game I don't know why. When I go to the Sims 4 neighborhood houses I got kicked out. I don't know why neither why it stopped working right. I have no idea or no clue why this things happens to me. I might removed everything out. Start over but no choice do I have. But some of my neighborhood still listed in my internet gallery. I have started over so many times. It can be little annoying anyways. If nobody can't help me. Anyways have a nice day.




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I already deleted the stupid files that someone gave me. I restarted the Sims 4 games but uncertain if I download the Wicked Whims in here again will ever work or not. But I doubted if anything works again. I feel doubts and disappointed I can't found anyone to help me on my problems. Nothing more to say or do anymore. I look at your video you send me but I don't think I wouldn't understand how to crack the game files document to make it work with or without the unique game of Wicked Whims files and without Wicked Whims woohoo is not in my game. No idea what to do at all. Sorry to bother anyone with my lame problems post . You don't have me reply back to me. I gave up trying.  Thank you for trying to help me anyways.


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Shhhh.... I fear some members are much too far away to reach them... helpful members do not need your kiddish ss but screenshots of your folders at windows! Did you ever notice there is something everyone calles "explorer" - and Sims 4 has a folder in windows explorer?


Oh hell, I m really everything but a saint... but why do you behave still like an idiot, dear? Get to the point - or do you like a visite from someone nearby to give you a box at your poor head to waken you up? We like to help you - you are the one to speak / post just clear. Show your folders! If you can´t yourself, go to the next internet cafe or pc / laiptop service point and show it! Do you think, noone knows this kind of problems? Just drag the hole adult content out of your game if you are shy.


Your problem is not WW - just updating the hole regular game!!!

If this is done, you can install the last version of WW again in it will work again.


Sorry, no file is stupid - the stupids mostly take seat in front of computers and laptops (you may meet it at a mirror) - and I m one of that kind.

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I don't know anything about what is the ram files for my computer is. Wicked Whims changed I dislike the new version. And the censor is blocked can't see the Simple doing no woohoo. Sex is censorship what happened to taboo or incest sex. I don't like this changed at all. What happened to the original file for Wicked Whim ? I took the pictures what no censor looks like in my computer game. The original censor doesn't work anymore. What happened to the games files ? I need help please? I downloaded the missing files that the other guy couldn't help me that well not very good at helping me, understand English neither. He is from another foreign country far away I guess from India. Doesn't matter he barely couldn't help me. Should I delete all the files or leave it all ? I don't have a clue on computer stuff that difficult to understand technology, technically everything electric equipment stuff. Please help me ?



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31 minutes ago, Patricia1973 said:

And the censor is blocked can't see the Simple doing no woohoo

Somehow you managed to get the OPTIONAL Steamer Mode file for Wicked Whims.

You need to search Mods folder for that file and delete it.


If you have Wicked installed you don't need any other de-censor mods as it is built into WW now.


31 minutes ago, Patricia1973 said:

what happened to taboo or incest sex.

If you somehow got the Patreon version of Wicked installed Teen Sex and Incest are disabled.

The LL version of WW from here doesn't have that problem.

But it could also be those things are just turned off in your WW settings, they are disabled by default.


Check your WW settings... (If you have Patreon version of WW these settings might be missing).

WW Settings/Sex Settings/Other: Enable Teen Sex


WW Settings/Relationship Settings/Enable Open Relationship and Romance Age Restriction Switch


WW Settings/Relationship Settings/Cheats/Enable both Desire and Global Incest


One step at a time we can try to fix it.





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41 minutes ago, Patricia1973 said:

 Patreon isn't fair.  I don't know what to do anymore.

The only thing you understood in my last post was the word Patreon.

Did you read or understand anything else?


You don't even know if you have the Patreon Version installed even.


If you do, how did you ever get it in the first place if you can't afford it.


Nobody said you HAD to use Patreon.


Stop ranting and do some actual checking things out before you blow a gasket.

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