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    I'm a gamer, but not hardcore anymore. I play The Sims Franchise, Skyrim, Final Fantasy (7 is still the #1 G.O.A.T.), and GTA every now and then. I prefer to play PC games vs. console, but the only modded game I play is TS4.

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  1. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/121257-kinky-whims-kw-by-colonolnutty/page/120/ @kscar
  2. @Athena_ella you can just copy and paste your LE into the last exception assistant (link is in my signature) and it will tell you what you need to know. However, like @DarkAudit already suggested, you need to just update your mods if they are out of date by searching for them. Just because it doesn't show up in an LE as an issue doesn't mean you shouldn't update it. You are asking for problems if you don't keep your mods AND game updated.
  3. Go into your sex settings and make sure that you have the "climax" stage selected for the end of the session. My sims will repeat the climax animations at least two or three times before stopping on their own, but they do stop without me interfering.
  4. The animations are all in their own threads and can be found toward the bottom of the Wicked Whims download page. Just choose the animations you like. I would advise you to create a folder in your mods folder titled "animations" and put all the animation files there in one location. You do not need to update them unless you want the latest animations to show up from whatever creators you download.
  5. You only need to fix any CC you are having problems with.
  6. They could still be problematic but you might be able to do a batch fix using Sims4Studio, if needed. Most CC that's broken, broke after the November update.
  7. @airion If you have a heavily modded game you might have a lot of outdated mods that will need to be removed. "Tunable Errors" are script mod related so I'd start by checking that everything is up to date and remove what isn't or update it. After making all the changes to your mod folder make sure you delete the localthumbcache to ensure all old data is removed before restarting your game.
  8. If the sim you are playing with has anything from WW in their personal inventory (condoms, birth control or pads/tampons) delete it, then save and exit. Once you exit go into your TS4 game folder and delete your localthumbcache before restarting. That should fix it. It caused by one of the objects in WW, but once you do this the message should disappear and by deleting the localthumbcache it will take out any old remnants of the mod without hurting your game.
  9. I just leave my game offline. I only go online every now and then when I want to refresh my towns with new community lots and I spend a good while doing it all at once so I can go offline again.
  10. I know, trust me I know. People don't even read to see that the answers to their questions have already been posted. I figured for the handful who do actually try to help themselves I'd post it.
  11. I'm posting this here because this seems to be where most of the TS4 LL traffic is and more people are likely to see it. Eco-Lifestyle will drop on June 5th and prior to that we will see a patch update on June 2nd (thank you @BinkuChase), as is the norm, and this will likely break a lot of mods, as usual. If you want to continue to play your game until all of your favorite mods are updated: 1. Open Origin and turn off automatic updates! If you play with mods you should never use automatic updates. 2. Take Your game offline, you will be forced to play offline anyway if you decide to play without updating. 3. Wait for all mods to be updated, especially if you do use mods that are dependent on others! BE PATIENT, CREATORS HAVE LIVES TOO. 4. Delete the old mods before downloading the new ones. 5. After you finish downloading ALWAYS delete the localthumbcache to make sure all old mod data is wiped clean (this will not mess with your settings). 6. Once you update your game to the current version, you will need to enable your mods again in order for them to show up in game AND restart your game.
  12. You can reduce it or turn it off altogether in the Wicked Whims settings.
  13. If you are running other mods that are dependent on Wicked Whims, you need to wait for those creators to update BEFORE updating Wicked Whims.
  14. If you go back a few pages someone uploaded an older version.
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