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Is it legal to recreate FF armors or other game stuff?


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Anyways' date=' I think that there's a lot of speculation and expectation regarding trademarks, copyrights and so.

If someone makes some armor that comes from other game means you are getting close to "cease & decease" warnings. But well... I've seen many mods so far that do come from other licensed games and they did not disappear (yet). Maybe it's just a matter of time.


I was wondering if it's legal/illegal to recreate armors from FF or other games if you make both models and textures yourself, no actual direct use of copyrighted asset just recreating the idea. Is it possible/likely to get a cease & desist order or sued/charged with copyright infringement? If the mod is offered for free credits original series is it still considered piracy? What about a quest mod based on an old school rpg's story?

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as long as it is for the good of the community i always support it, legal or illegal. But to answer your question, i do not think it is illegal at all, since you create the meshes etc. It is like saying it is illegal for a man to paint a portrait of the sydney harbour bridge, total rubbish. Therefore it should be legal.

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The only question of legality comes in porting existing game assets. If you took apart an installation of say FFX, found the model files for some broads outfit, converted it to skyrim then made it available, you'd be violating the EULA that says you can't distribute the game in whole or in part.


If you fire up 3dsmax/photoshop and build something from scratch using screenshots (or whatever) as source images, then the rights to distribute are yours.


But even that is kind of irrelevant. . .


Because if you did that then posted the files for dl from your dropbox with pics on imgur, and square/sony decided to petition for removal stating "violation of eula" or "unauth distribution of assets" then you may as well be trying to shit uphill because there's no way in hell imgur or dropbox or nexus or mediafire or probably loverslab are going to fall in favor of you, a guy, vs the conglomo with a pile of $1k/hr lawyers just frothing to do anything to burn some time on that friday morning before a holiday w'end.


Bottom line: in the end, legality is irrelevant.


So, if you want to do it, whatever way you want to do it, and you believe it will be entertaining and that you'll learn something, then fukkem. just fucking do it.

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I think as a law it's a NO.


HOWEVER most game developers are not really fussed about it as you are only using the armor meshes and textures for those meshes.


Mogie56 is correct though you do have to edit the armor in some way which most are even though they keep the same appearance.


To be honest it's a really grey area.

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Recreate? Like from scratch, meshes and textures? Should be perfectly legal if you make it by hand.


You don't have to worry much about it being illegal unless you rip content out of games, and even then most companies don't care to do anything. Nexus is only so hard on rips because they do make money from running the site, so if they get caught willfully distributing rips, it could be big legal trouble.

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Guest Lady Luck

No it is not illegal to convert or recreate FF armor

However it is illegal if you plan to sell of used Copyrighted material thus breaking IP rules.


don't worry they understand it's not like you steal their ip , you just wanted to be that certain character you like , sites like nexus will think it's illegal prior to stupid law rules that make the site bad , that is why there's not alot of good armors lately like oblivion does.

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The concensus here tends to miss the mark a bit.


Tera Online has been pretty specific about giving permission to port. In otherwords, even if you don't play Tera, they allow you to convert their assets when you ask permission. They're pretty good about it to the point that I don't know of anyone that hasn't asked and had a takedown notice.


The days of "you can only get in trouble if you sell a mod" are looonngg gone. Thanks to the Pirate Bay, any unauth distribution is against the EULA of any software and has been a part of hollywood since i can remember.


So one of 2 things here:

Either the OP is fishing for something detrimental to this community (loverslab) or he wants to follow the legal rules while making a skyrim tribute to an outfit (or 2 or 12) from FF series.


If your outfit is super ridiculously popular, it will have 50k downloads. If that amount of traffic gets you legal pressure, then someone needs to lighten the fuck up.


I say you just do it anyway. Make it from scratch, call it a tribute, release it on LL or hell even steam workshop. The repurcussions? It gets taken down. That's it.

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I'm wanting to try to remake WOW paladin T2 armor entirely from scratch, don't know if I can because I don't have a lot of free time and have to learn. I'd like to try Final Fantasy and other custom outfits in the future if I get more skilled. Wow T2 is probably not as difficult to get an accurate look. It hasn't been done before for oblivion/skyrim and was requested.

[spoiler=Judgement armor]Paladin_Tier_2_Judgement_set_by_peetietang.jpg



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Since you're not creating it for financial gain and it's simply a piece of armor, you should be good to go. If you were planning to do something big like recreate WoW in Skyrim, then you might attract the attention of Blizzard. More specifically, I'm referring to MERP and Warner Bros. :(

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Guest Lady Luck

Since you're not creating it for financial gain and it's simply a piece of armor' date=' you should be good to go. If you were planning to do something big like recreate WoW in Skyrim, then you might attract the attention of Blizzard. More specifically, I'm referring to MERP and Warner Bros. :(


Yeap i agree with this one , if you plan to make an armor based of popular franchise without any financial involved with it , it is not illegal if everyone on Loverslab ok with it you should be fine making one do not worry LL is not bound by law here's an advice even when LL let's you have freedom of making stuff try to respect boundaries if you got that model from other sites that has raw format and converted it into skyrim the least you can do "ask permission properly " so you got even with the rules nobody got butthurt . everyone happy end of story :). btw good luck on your future project cant wait to see new modders make awesome armor please do make males, we had already alot female armor.

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The biggest I could ever go is to do something like make a story mod based on final fantasy tactics or ogre battle. They're old games from the 90's it would be quests and armor/character mods to create characters based on the story. I wouldn't do this until I upgrade my computer, can't handle too many npcs (tactics ogre is 10v 10, FFT is 5 vs 5-8 mostly) with high resolution texture mods + ENB. You would meet up with the main characters, teleport to a new world space with loosely based on the game locations(custom worldmeshes are unlikely) and would have battles from the game. I'd try to add in bosses/special characters like Lucavi, Roslolians/Losloriens, and the zenobians/xenobians. For now I'll try with T2/possible female design

Also, signed that petition :heart:

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