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43 minutes ago, rpowell327 said:

Sorry for offending you. I looked for a thread but did not see it. I'm 67 years old and not as astute as many of you. But thanks for the information.

I wasn't offended, but I can see how I worded my 1st reply rough, that wasn't my intention. I was asking for the source of your download to check if you have the right version (there are releases of SOS for Skyrim LE, Skyrim SE and some "light" variants too so it can be a bit confussing). The last part was just the general advice for everyone, most files here have a support thread, where people who use the mod and even the author of the mod can reply questions or offer advice.


Did you manage to install it?

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I apologize for my remarks. I have a lot of trouble finding things on loverslab it simply overwhelms me at times.

yes I installed as you suggested, but when I tried to run the game MO said it could not locate a .dll so I'm about to give on it. What is your opinion of Osex?

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That's weird, with this version you shouldn't have any dll problem, given that you have the required SKSE version (2.0.16).


I tried Osex briefly but not in the Special Edition, it was a good concept, amazing animation quality, but not too much in the form on other mods to use the framework. The thing with Sexlab framework is the amount of available mods to add to your game and suit it to your preferences.


If you have a hard time at searching this website I'd recommend you these two threads, there are links to nearly every mod available for the Special Edition:


SSE Conversion Tracking https://www.loverslab.com/topic/94228-sse-conversion-tracking-nov-3-4043/

Sexlab Index SE https://www.loverslab.com/topic/126227-sexlab-index-se/


The Sexlab Index is a list of links to mods by category, the Conversion Tracking thread is to check the status of a certain mod that was originally released for the Legendary Edition. Both posts can be used to find mods that are made for SE or have been properly ported.

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