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Risk of Rain 2 modding?


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Anybody interested in some lewd mods, I don't mean anything like framework or such but more cosmetic stuff or even odd items. https://thunderstore.io/ has main modding framework and resources. in any sort of example I guess things such as messing with certain enemy models or even stuff like the Thicc mods on the website, just some thoughts.


if you don't know the game, https://store.steampowered.com/app/632360/Risk_of_Rain_2/ , its a sequel to the game of the same title(excluding the 2 of course),


I mainly just want thicc lizards with tits and futa


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Well... i've seen this done a bunch of times, a bunch of content for RoR2, and i must say, it can be done well and can look good;

There are two specific mods in the Thunderstore;

And even more here that are now outdated and essentially unusable, but feature such models as "Nude Artificer, Huntress, Female Mercenary", along with models from animes and such, seemingly Kill la Kill? Pardon if i lack the anime knowledge.

All that said, yeah, more mods for that wouldn't be too bad. Hell, if someone went out of their way to make Minecraft have that, why not Risk of Rain 2?

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Would it be too incredibly much to assume something more than nude mods could happen? I mean one of the things on the front page of thunderstorm right now is a completely new survivor with all the unique things that entails. Really what modding there seems to be looks incredibly deep for what the game is. I wouldn't necessarily say on par with skyrim yet as I haven't tried any of it at all, but if you can add a first person mode, PvP, and a whole new survivor on top of letting most of the enemies be playable, it personally feels extremely modable.

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28 minutes ago, kickman1227 said:

would it be possible to restore some of the mods that red had posted here because they seem like they just need to be converted a bit here and there to be usable in the current version


Thats the issue, everytime the game updated, it killed the mods.People got bored, stopped playing and modding.

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some guys found new kinky things for this topic ?


i have found some Acrid https://thunderstore.io/package/12GaugeAwayFromFace/Enhanced_Fem_Acrid/ unknown.png


and an huntress spyro female https://thunderstore.io/package/RuneFox237/FemSpyroHuntress/





Edit : you can choose the futa option for Acrid with yes advanced options (F1 key)

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