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  1. That... is really odd. Is the steam version not up to date? I managed to make it playable by removing that one item and recipe after unpacking the file.
  2. I must have an older version of the shoggoth mod then, let me ensure it's up to date and report back findings later. Yeah, getting the following error: [18:36:48.696] [Error] Application: exception thrown, shutting down: (ItemException) Object drop 'shoggothchest' shares name with existing item with latest FU and shoggoth mod. My guess is he added in a furniture chest, and needed an alternative name to the chest-piece he already had.
  3. Awesome, nice to have a game-friendly working version of defeat again! ...Though now I forgot how it was I tweaked it to personal preferences. I remember there was a way to make it so only the player was downable, not monsters or NPCs. I think there was a way to set a percent chance to down a NPC, but I can't be sure, it's been a busy while.
  4. Just a heads up, you may want to think about renaming the Shoggoth chest furniture item, as it seems to be causing a fatal error when ran with FU, as they seem to have their own shoggoth chest, now.
  5. A: Oh hell yes! B: Better put on your fighting mitts and be prepared to verbally spar (hopefully politely) a bit if/when Say-Say (not gonna say the name to avoid searches) gets wind of this, seeing how his mod consumed this one. You are on the moral high ground, considering he didn't make em, but there's no telling how bad a reaction this will get. Hopefully, he will act like an actual adult and just roll his eyes, maybe let out an annoyed little sigh, and move on with his life instead of worrying how other people mod the mods of other people in his mod.
  6. New interesting species mod out, the Moyo. Deep-water fish-people with drugs for blood and fluids, it seems. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2182305386 Could greatly benefit from some patch love and attention.
  7. Wow. All of these are up to date? (Though Merrkin need that typo fixed, but thats easy enough to do by hand after unpacking it). I hadn't realized so many were current. Thanks!
  8. Is the list on the first page still accurate, both in current compatibility and listing all covered species? Finally getting around to (again) rebuilding my game and getting set up.
  9. Holy cow, neither did I. This changes SO MUCH and makes it so much easier. Praise be! (why did I never think of looking for a thing like this before?!)
  10. Seems Slime mod is a go, provided Chofranc or Xel don't protest it. Will be interesting to see how their transparency works out with this mod...
  11. Any chance of a CBBE HDT Bodyslide for the RGB Color Change Suit? (potentially with non-changing variants if you feel fancy?) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/101743?
  12. There already is one, for both normal and cute versions of them and Thaumoths.
  13. Those look incredible! Thank you so much, looking forward to getting a new game started back up!
  14. Oh neat! ...though, any chance of a non steam DL for the race? either here, or on the SB forums?
  15. Forgive me if this seems pushy, but, how goes progress for the Ghost Outfit conversion and the Void Spidertech outfits, Nind? Been really looking forward to those since you noticed em.
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