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  1. Your log implies there is no sexbound.config file in there. This can have happened for a couple reasons: 1) There isn't a file. It's possible Loc committed a mistake or something else happened. If this is the case, i can provide one. Make sure there is a sexbound.config file inside of the Sexbound mod's folder. 2) You've unzipped the file and messed with the config file, and your Windows has protected the file, or disallowed it. If you have changed anything in the file, try running the game's executable (64-bit preferably) as admin and seeing if the issue persists. If you haven't, try right-clicking the file and going into it's properties, check to see if it's "Locked", and unlock it. 3) Starbound does Starbound things then OOGABOOGIDDY BOOGITY and thus it cannot find the file. I don't know either, when that happens. At any rate, if it proves to be a nuisance, and none of the above solve your issue, you can try the .pak file itself, just drop that in the Mods folder and it should have the same effect, but without allowing you to change the configs. If this works and you still want to change configs, then you may want to learn how to Pack and unpack Starbound mods, as that may prove to be a solution.
  2. Files are unavailable currently as Locuturus has moved back from Mega to LoversLab hosting, and the files weren't put up again. You can try this one, but i don't remember if these are the latest ones. starbound-sexbound-pov-3.0.0.src.zip Good ol' copy-pasta at the ready:
  3. Inside Sexbound, the folder "dialog" has a bunch of subfolders, then eventually "positions". From there it's straight forward, you'll only have to learn the formatting rules to set it all up. The rules are a bit complicated, but there's tutorials for that.
  4. It's funny you mention that, i remember having the opposite issue with the older penguin piracy, as in, penguins were already supported, so the "Vanilla Penguins" were supported too, but it seems the Penguin Piracy Reborn rewrites or adds a separate, similar Vanilla Penguin. It still should probably be asked for permission nonetheless, but i don't think it'd hurt to support only the vanilla penguins, again. Thanks @Ant Cant for the quick post!
  5. Well, by the looks of things, and i'm sorry to say this, but your Hard-drive is having problems. You may need to run through the gauntlet of trying to find the right Windows command line command to help you, then restart a few times, and hope it all worked out. Same thing happened to a friend, the file took a long time to fix. Like anything Sexbound (so far), you only really see them in the animations. And they're smaller-than standard images so they're hard to see, something just for flavor really.
  6. Pardon me asking, but are you having problems running the mod, and thus assuming it's outdated, or just asking for a content drop? Because one makes me concerned, the other one just gets a chat about how i'm trying to return to working on it, but reinstalling Windows has proven to be quite the hinderance.
  7. Well, uh... that's definitely far from normal. Game crashes because it can't find a normal game variable... which shouldn't even be a thing. Also i've noticed your log does not mention the base-game assets! Where is this file? It should be inside of the assets folder, but it appears to not be there nor in the mods folder. This is the entire base-game, and it's not being loaded.
  8. Unlikely any time soon, still trying to figure out the PoV stuff on my end, make better vanilla supports, and expand the PoV aspect of Sexbound itself. That'll take a while by itself, let alone make Vanilla-Sexbound and Red-modded Sexbound PoV assets. But honestly? I'd love to do that, it's just that being undecisive about how to approach art-blocks is one hell of a B*tch.
  9. I guess it's the other file that's supposed to be deleted and replaced, "starbound.config.old" that can't get created (By deleting the previous one and rename the current broken one), though... The only current solution would be to remove all mods (Just move them out of the folder), launch the game as admin (Right-click, run as admin on the 64-Bit executable, or 32 if you use Windows XP, god forbid), then let the file regen and see if it works. I don't know why you'd be having these issues like Rena mentioned, i don't honestly care if your game isn't legit or if it's just a moved installation (Starbound doesn't care where you put it, so long as it's folder contains all it's needed files, it'll launch and adapt all launch data), so, best of luck to you. It's a weird bug, either on Windows or the game itself.
  10. Well, it's oddly not related to sexbound it seems... In Leyman's Terms, "Starbound.config is invalid, trying to re-make it..." "Starbound.config could not be renamed, crashing game." So, delete your starbound.config file from the storage folder of the game, and try again. Of note; your mod folder also has a lot of duplicates. Listed here:
  11. Hey, if you wanna blame my mod at least hit me up and tell me it's broken! </sarcasm> Though, if they're having issues with the twoactors.animation file, i don't know why that would be. I have the same files in my mod, in my testing environment, with that exact file name mentioned, and i don't crash 🤷‍♂️ A log would be best to know why, since: There's no mentioned version for the main API, and i don't know what other errors are mentioned. Do reply with a log if you can, @geekyraptorstudios, i can give it a look.
  12. Hmm, indeed, oddly accurate: The patch is in there, the right place, and yet nothing seems to be working properly. The scripts are cascading in a very confusing manner, calling each other back and forth and coming up with "Actor is null". Extra odd since nobody reported anything similar to this until now. At any rate, your second option would still be available. None of the Sexbound mods should break, only thing that would need an update is the PoV files. If somehow that also doesn't work, i recommend calling a priest or equivalent of your preferred religion and asking for a "techno-cleansing".
  13. Oh. Okay, i think you got it wrong. Naturally Horny Is a optional mod, that does not say it is installed in your log. Without it, NPC's don't have a "Naturally Horny" state. They never will. "Hearts Coming Out" is not from Sexbound. It's likely just an NPC interaction. They can use the heart particle and a smiling emote. You say you managed to enter the object and mess with the UI, and by your choice of words, "Laid down", i assume you entered a Sexbound bed, and waited for it to work. Again, without intervention from another mod, cannot work. The sex counter going up is likely a flawed check internally on Sexbound itself, @Locuturus wink wink nudge nudge (As in, it's counting a "Sex act" as just entering a sex node, whether or not they are joined by a NPC, monster or player. Might want to change this to prevent future confusion and have more accurate stats) The NPC type is fine, it should work, but you still need a intervention. Your previous statement seem to state that yes, you can enter a Sexbound bed and see yourself/your character in there. And the interface. That's 90% of the way there, you just didn't get a partner for it. Again, sadly, i'm pretty sure Lustbound's hookers don't have a automatically horny state. I think that's a slight oversight on that end but most people don't expect it. So uh... my Solution? Get the Aphrodite's bow, the infused one, and shoot a NPC with either left click (Turns them into a interactable object) or right (Makes them horny so they'll join you)
  14. Usually i'd ask for the log, but you've already sent that, so i'll instead ask for some more relevant information; The log shown has literally no errors relating to Sexbound, instead it tells (as in, there's commands being used that make me think you did the following) that you spawned a floran NPC, and interacted with a Avikan NPC. No Sexbound related errors, again, so i'll ask: What did you do? What happened? What did you expect to happen? And supply as many details as you can: Was the NPC that was spawned a Crew-member? Can your character do sex-interactions? Did you only try the Sexbound testing sandbox? Not trying to be a nuisance, just trying to gather information to help fix your issue, as there's nothing in the logs for me, other than mentions of a folder called "Sexbound" being loaded from the mods folder, while you already have Sexbound installed. If you had two versions of Sexbound installed, that would cause a crash, so clearly something else is at work, since that folder is loaded and no obvious errors are cropping up.
  15. Well, this is a skip, since i think this avoids giving Locuturus a couple cents, but here; Odd that i don't even have that link up long enough to see it says Tiny.CC, it just kinda drops me into the one above instantly. Check this: Also, there are already a few in the base mod, what is it that you're looking for?
  16. I see you have Frackin' Universe, so i'll ask, are they crew-members, or just villagers? Toss me some details, since i know the mods now, but there are literally no errors. As a FYI, Frackin' Universe causes the problem that disables Sexbound to crew-members, not all, but most.
  17. Sounds like a Sexbound issue, unless it's specifically the Avali. Also:
  18. Usually refraining from sending the log means you don't get help (Let's be honest, who's going to judge you for your mods or what you do in-game, in here?), but This is a known issue in the older versions of Sexbound. There are two fixes: There is a simple 1-file replacement fix, available here. Locuturus also already fixed this issue (I think? From reading the changelogs) so you can always try updating and hope nothing else breaks. So, all that said, please people... What do you have to hide? There's no reason to not send the full log and cherry-pick only the errors. The mods you have loaded MATTER, their versions MATTER, your workshop mods MATTER, and hell, even the other pre-load errors matter! So just let this line here be a PSA, because a lot of people like to cherry-pick the errors and suppress the log. Yes. You need the specific upgrade (Sexbound T2 Addon), i don't know if there is still a bed that supports threesomes by default, but that's the information i have atm. Also, horny NPC's (Aphrodite's bow right-click, Naturally Horny, etc) will join into Sexbound beds/tables automatically.
  19. That link should redirect you to the Mega link with all the downloads. If it doesn't, please reply and tell us what happened. So, first things first, without a log we can't know what the issue is; Old mods, something broke, etc. Though your other questions are fair: There is no auto-updating in Starbound unless you consider Workshop mods. It could also have to do with the characters being old, but to what extent, i don't know yet. And no problem, just try to press that enter key more often. Single, constant strings of words can get hard to keep track of for readers, while separated, either by topic or just phrases, helps with reading.
  20. I think it's been tried, but i don't remember much. I hate to have a lot of unnecessary bloat in the mod (Main API) but i agree that this feature is small enough, it would be convenient to just have it as a toggle in the main API, and since Locuturus appears to be adding other mods onto the API, this is as good time as any to just let this one be consumed.
  21. Hmm, i can try to take a look, but yeah something's up, and i don't know if the mod is even being loaded if this is happening.
  22. Hmm, odd, it seems your mod is not being loaded correctly: This usually happens when the mod is installed inside another folder. Make sure these files are visible when you open that folder; If they are not, you can move them so they are like the image above.
  23. In theory, yes. I have received several reports that it's not "Working properly" but it's also still somewhat working at least. What i mean is, they get horny for too little time, and stop sex too fast. If you mean nothing happens at all, you can always report with a log for me to see what's up with your mods and if you have any that break things. As for the other piece, however... I can no longer keep track of "The current version of Sexbound" as i don't get notifications or updates on LoversLab, and i'm not gonna religiously open a Mega.IO link to read a changelog that doesn't track proper changes... I've tried "updating" it to the latest version i had at the time, but nothing seemed wrong, the patch was done correctly and the only change in the base API's scripts were the order of them inside the file. No reason why things shouldn't work the same, and yet they didn't. Plus a few mods are causing new incompatibilities...
  24. First couple lines: You have the tentacle tweak installed, it is a replacement for lustbound, and apparently a faulty one. I'd recommend removing that other mod and trying again.
  25. It's not a patch, it's a different version.
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