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  1. Well, here's the easiest way. Input these into your chat: /admin /spawnitem sexbound_woodenbed /admin Make sure to place the cursor above yourself when you do this. It should give you a Sexbound-enabled bed. If it's a green cube, then installation failed/is compromised.
  2. You do need some basic items to get it to "work". You'll usually need, depending on what you have installed, either a lewdgun, Aphrodite's bow, or erotic magazine, with the last one also requiring a valid bed with a Loungeable Add-on. Or just generally, being able to put that onto a bed should suffice to tell you if it's working or not. Those are rather common treasure, and you end up with at least 1 from the initial dungeon. You can find Loungeable add-ons in chests and generally random loot treasure, or buy it from the infinity-mart, and the Aphrodite's Bow can be legitimately obtained either by reaching the secret room in the Outpost or finding it as a very rare loot, while the rest are obtained from craftable vending machines from their own mods.
  3. So, for the longest time i have been trying to figure out what was with this bug where people couldn't use the beds anymore, thinking it was a issue with the API where the newer dialogue patches weren't allowing the position files to load properly... I kept seeing this in the logs: [23:12:24.894] [Error] [string "/scripts/sexbound/lib/sexbound/positions.lua"]:95: (AssetException) Error loading asset /positions/butterfly_in_bed.config Caused by: (JsonParsingException) Cannot parse json file: /positions/butterfly_in_bed.config Caused by: (JsonParsingException) Error parsing json: unexpected end of stream parsing array. at 7:2 And i had no clue, thought it was something in the update... ... then i looked into your support, with it's butterfly_in_bed patch.... I can't believe it's not butter. It is instead the cause of my frustration. So yeah, that extra "[" there? Unholy. Unheard of. The reason why positions/butterfly have been choking all this time... a single rogue fucking symbol... Well, now that's out of the way, Please for the love of all that is holy remove that heathen of a half-square. Somehow it has been disabling Loungeable-addon functionality. (And yes, i did test this, beds stop working when this mod is introduced.).
  4. Time for me to step in and say, Hi. Jokes apart, lemme list a few facts; Renamon support exists and requires it's own custom race, i believe both are distributed here, made by Guy™ Lucario Support existed at one point and was taken down after a while by request of the creator. It is now being re-made for the 2.5+ update by the creator themselves, but not out yet. You can have NPC's of any race simply with commands or the NPC Spawner mods. They can then be interacted with using the bow or a bed or more. If you have a issue of the crashy kind, we're free to look into it without any additional cost as long as you provide the log file. <Addendum on the message> All that said, yeah, all of what you saw in that video is nothing out of the ordinary. Should anything else come to mind, feel free to ask.
  5. Hmm... Might be unsupported NPC types. I know FU, not sure if on purpose or not (Most likely on purpose) has nearly all it's custom NPC types be immune to the effects of the bow, arousal and other Sexbound mechanics. Special Crewmember types, vendors, etc, are affected by this. IF Frackin' is not installed, then it just maybe one of those rare NPC types that is not supported or is immune to damage. NPC's that are immune to damage will not be affected by the bow or Lewdguns as they can't be hit. The "Tutorial" NPC found in the starting planet's mine, for instance, is immune to damage. NPC's related to quests that you accept are often also immune to damage. (This all of course excludes liquids, those are fatal to everyone)
  6. ... i... don't know what to tell you. If you want to be a deviant and not have to hot-swap mods, yeah. Can't do both at once.
  7. If it is installed improperly/conflicting with something, they error and won't spawn. In that case, you can provide a log and i can help pinpoint the issue.
  8. ... Ah. Gotcha. You installed it improperly. You need to make sure all mod files go inside their own folder, as opposed to how they currently are, spilled inside the mod's folder. So, they need to look like: "Sexbound API 3.4.1" > mods files like "sexbound.config", as opposed to how it currently is. The best way to fix this, as is, is to clean up all the mods and install clean, honestly. If you don't know which folders are supposed to go inside of the mod and which aren't. Anyhow, good luck.
  9. Seems simple enough and it's made by Skittles... should be made easily, and quickly. It's almost as if Skittles themselves was asking for this to be done... Anyhow, i'll take a look when i get the chance, if it's not done by then.
  10. By the looks of things, the sexbound animation sprites seem to have the wrong color...? Oh wait that's hair.... hmmm... this may have to do with a very annoying bug i had solved, but i guess i'll try to test it with the fix and re-submit it, if it helps. Yo... You don't... You don't edit .pak files in notepad, folks. You don't. This is why the Unpak version is provided. Because you can edit the settings in there. Editing them via Notepad makes it so the Checksum, or whichever consolidation method they used for .PAK files is then invalid, and the mod won't ever load. As for the latter, i could check why, perhaps with a log file. And please don't edit that one aswell. How to edit Config files; And how to get your starbound.log file;
  11. Y'see... TeratoDefeat requires Defeat lol That's probably why. "No monster_primary.lua", the defeat-for-monsters file.
  12. ... it doesn't sound like Defeat bugs... i've hot-swapped this mod in and out constantly when testing and fixing up things, i don't see how it could possibly be causing this level of issues-- and to boot, nothing in the logs? Peculiar. However i'll oblige, it is buggy and it can turn people off rather easily with how it affects key NPC's you gotta defeat at times. If you believe the mod is causing problems by being removed, you can use the UNPAK version and remove the patch-files and scripts from within, leaving it hollow. That's pretty much the same as uninstalling it though, so i doubt it'll be helpful. If you wouldn't mind posting the latest (Numberless log) log file for me to review, i'd be thankful, to see what is up there.
  13. You can always drop a starbound.log file for better issue tracking, it really helps me help you. If you have; Sexbound version 3+, Aphrodite's Bow and Terato, it should work by default unless another mod is replacing all the data in the monster's definition/object. I don't know of any mods that do that yet, however. Most have adapted to either changing the files really early on, or patching. Another issue maybe that you maybe using multiple supports, multiple versions cause lots of issues.
  14. Yeah, that one is rather outdated. It can be made compatible if installed meticulously, but generally causes that issue. Well, it works. Use the "Apex Bed"; https://starbounder.org/Standard_Issue_Bed This bed, when the loungeable addon is added, will allow three actors. First, use either Aphrodite's Bow Right-Click shot, or Lewdbound's Adult Magazine pink clouds and they will enter beds on their own. If you enter before two of them do, there will be 3 characters in the bed. Only 4 out of the 7 animations currently support 3 characters, however.
  15. "Actor1-Mouth"... are you perhaps using "VenusBM"?
  16. Yep, it's the dialogue issue i was thinking. Sadly, this is a problem, it could be solved if all those supports were updated to comply to the new model without the "in_bed" patches, but i may need to promote API changes to be backwards compatible on this front... This is a big problem.
  17. Well, i'm sure you can find that around. Most of what you'll need to know is 1) Wiring, 2) using a tool called Tiled, and if you want to make any custom "Bosses", plenty of LUA. Here; https://starbounder.org/Modding:Tiled/Example_Mission
  18. No. Read past posts on clarification if you care, but just no.
  19. You have to: 1) Download and use the UNPAK version. Once installed properly, you can open the mod's folder, go to sexbound.config and then... 2) Edit this part: The highlighted in purple text, to true, and then Futanari will be enabled for Florans only. To enable them for all races, remove the whole species line and the comma from the line above. Like so: To choose which races are futa and which aren't, just add/remove/change entries there at "species" at will, similar to how it is shown in the screenshot.
  20. Crafted with hands-crafting (C Menu) i believe.
  21. Bow works fine, problem is mostly with the Aphrodite's "bossfight". Other common problems are that older species supports may cause the whole API to break down for beds, and sometimes even for bow-nodes, due to some issue with the dialog files.
  22. RP/ERP huh... I assume you've tried SpaceCats and got the DC bunch... And well, the Earth Extinction 2 (Renamed to Lust of the Stars). Well, i can't speak for the latter, but SpaceCats has a stable pack and active staff there to help you, not sure why you'd be crashing if you follow the pack instructions but alas, those are all the options i know. There aren't many servers with Sexbound, i only know of 3 myself, and one i have no clue if it still exists, and Lust of the Stars has had a hard time getting going. But there's a thread more proper for this;
  23. That one is a odd one. Too many mods overwrite and entirely replace the mother poptop, to the point where this one's animations barely ever work. It's sadly, a side effect of their mods. Mine patches into the monster instead of replacing it 🤷‍♂️ Anyhow, here: That should provide information to help me understand the problem, if anything. Also, the quality of the Adult/Mother poptop animations is really subpar/basic as it's mostly a proof of concept of large monsters, and not meant to be fully enabled just yet, so pardon if it looks ECH.
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