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Little help with armor development, please

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Hey guys, I'm not experienced with 3d softwares and all the stuff + I'm quite new in the mod community and this is probably something stupid thing that I didn't notice but, here's the thing: I'm having some issues with an armor that I'm modding to Skyrim. The armor is fine, is totally hooked to the bones, the textures are decent... But, as you can see in the shots, when I use some self buff spell like heal or armor flesh, it bugs the texture of this spells. Plus, it has no light reflection when I aproach into to a light source.








Did I do something wrong with the meshes? Is something with the textures? Do I need to do any extra config in nifskope? I'm quite lost right now so, any tip will be very useful.


  • Note: Despite of 'Enhanced Lights', there is no mod that affect the visual fx installed.
  • Note²: I'm using 3ds max 2018 to make the models.
  • Note³: Since the textures and the meshes was already made, I just adapted and ported from The Witcher.




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Not sure what the cause is but you could probably fix it using outfit studios. First start a new project then load file into outfit studios and high light all of the outfit pieces and export them out in .OBJ format. Delete the old outfit out and load the .OBJ files into it and reweight paint them and export. Then you can redo texture pathway and make new _0 and _1 files.

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On 10/26/2019 at 8:25 AM, Cubbins said:

Never used the outfit studios, but I'll install it and see if I can manage. Thanks

Just use standard shaders from any vanilla outfit mesh and adjust texture path in Nifskope, you clearly copied some vfx shader flags from the reference. 

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