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I...am on the verge of having a fucking breakdown here.  


I have followed EVERY SINGLE tutorial I can find on how to get my SexLab mods, FNIS, SKSE64, and SkyUI Se to cooperate.  I have NMM and STILL can't figure this shit out.  I'm literally at a fucking loss here.  Can SOMEONE PLEASE help me?  I want to get back into Skyrim with the chance for more steamy romantic options this time.


Every time I load a new file all I see is the horse's ass, the driver's seat board, and just recently...couldn't even MOVE my vision.  I also am not wholly up to date on all the terms being flung around either.  I'm just deducing what I can.  Steam forums haven't really helped thus far.  So...I've come here.  

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So far, even just having FNIS and SkyUI SE is making everyone stand in a T or just...not even move.  That's what I'm trying to get help in figuring out.  How do I get my mods to work if I can't even get FNIS and SkyUI to cooperate?

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The vanilla opening breaks incredibly easy if you have mods installed.  If you start with an unmodded game the game will create a save file right before you select your race/gender in Helgen after the portion that goes wrong the easiest.  Conversely you can do Alternate Start Live Another Life, choose camping in the woods and start rightoutside of Helgan after the dragon is done burning it to the ground.


Either way what you really need to do is just find a way to skip the cart scene altogether.  I'm willing to bet if you type into the console "coc riverwood" from the main menu you'll load into Riverwood and find everything else you've got going on works reasonably well.

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If you're just starting modding, i would strongly recommend getting rid of the old NMM and cleaning Steam's Skyrim directory from all mods. There should only be what Steam installs and SKSE. Delete what you're unsure of and let Steam verify game cache.


Mod Organizer 2 is perfect for the job (for both LE and SSE, just do have separate installs), and much more tolerant to any possible mistakes you can make. No longer will any mod install directly mess up other mod installs, because you have full control over their order afterwards. You should install it in some easy to find location that is not under Steam or "Program Files" folders, and place all downloaded mods zip files in \MO2\Downloads\. From MO2 you can browse the list and use installer.


About T-pose problem you need a skeleton and FNIS. In your case, you said SKSE64 so i assume SSE? Then recommendation is XPMSSE:


Add FNIS into MO2 launch options and run it.

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