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7-Zip question


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My 7-Zip changed, somehow. When I right-click a 7.z file, 7-Zip doesn`t show up. I reinstalled it, and that was the result. The reason I reinstalled it was because when I would right-click a 7.z file, and try to look inside, or extract it, nothing would happen. It`s like I didn`t click it at all. No warnings or anything. Just out of the blue, this started happening. One day it worked, the next it didn`t. I works normally when I run 7-Zip, for files in the download folder, only. Any ideas? I`m asking here, because I have no idea where else to ask, and because you folks tend to respond to questions quicker than anyone else.

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Before doing anything you should be running a virus scan then a malware scan.


After that check your event viewer.


After that reinstalling the latest package under admin rights, and then checking the registry to see where and what actually installed.

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