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There're plenty of realistic skin and body hair mods but none of them adds such a realistic effect like a 3D body hair mod would add!


Maybe it could be made just like a tattoo or some overlay to place on the skin, idk.

Who's gonna meet the challenge?


I imagine something like that, obviously with the pubic hair too, hahaproduct_image_full_344551_04d0be990ea935

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At the moment I use the Bod-E II by Luumia for the mesh to achieve a body similar to the ones from Skyrim SoS and I apply a realistic skin overlay by TERFEARRENCE to achieve the realistic look. That skin overlay is really good, even if unfortunately it makes the wonderful abs of the Bod-E mesh barely visible ☹️... Do you think it's possible to create a 3d body hair overlay that doesn't override the skin overlay? Or is it better to create a brand new texture overlay (both skin and 3d body hair)? 



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