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Sex Addict Mod (Formerly MLA Extended WIP) Last updated Feb 9, 2013

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THIS THREAD HAS BEEN ARCHIVED DUE TO SIZE, PLEASE USE NEW THREAD LOCATED AT http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15207-sex-addict-mod-formerly-mla-extended-wip-last-updated-feb-9-2013/

About this mod

This may not be the best name for a mod but it's good enough to let everyone know it's an Adult Mod.

This mod mainly features rape scenarios (if all you want is a simple sex mod I highly recommend the SexIs mod with it's Cupid add on).

There is a conversational option for having sex with nearly everyone in the game you can talk to. The "rape" spell considers its use on friendly NPCs to be a consensual sex act.

The rape scenarios are via the rape spell which can be used in or out of combat, the combat rape scenario where characters who get weakened too much in combat can be raped and the random rape option where random NPCs are pick to rape other random NPCs.

This mod also allows you to set your sexual preferences to avoid seeing the kind of sex acts that don't do anything for you. That means of course that if guy on guy sex is not allowed the male bandit who has your male character on the ropes is going to keep on killing you.

This is a new release under a new name of what I had previously called the MLA Extended mod. Up until version 1.2 this mod used the resources from the Minilovers and Minilovers Sound mods. The resources from those mods are now internal to this mod and therefore those mods are no longer required or provided with this mod.

This started as a private copy of the Mini Lovers Alternative mod but some of the things I had fixed were exactly what people were requesting and other things people wanted were things that I could see how to implement so I took the plunge and made it a public release.



  • 1.3 Sound option now properly turns off voices when selected (still some effects played)
  • 1.3 Corrected animation for Motion 6 which was pointing to another mods animation file[
  • 1.3 Third female voice now available thanks again to jackbite69
  • 1.3 Now have SEQ file to prevent missing dialogue options
  • 1.3 Sound spells fixed
  • 1.3 Placed HD bukkake textures where simple rename makes them available to replace low definition version
  • 1.3 Replaced bad bukkake texture with proper one
  • 1.3 Healing rate is now restored after non-rape sex
  • 1.3 What 1.2 was supposed to be :blush:
  • 1.2b Replaced SexAddicts.SM file, still had version 1.1
  • 1.2a Added missing FNIS behavior file
  • 1.2 Enabled Strap on options in the menu
  • 1.2 One new voice option added (thanks to jackbite69). Note it is a fair bit louder than the original option.
  • 1.2 Two new sex animations added
  • 1.2 No longer breaks most animations when FNIS updated
  • 1.2 Uses current FNIS animation path, no longer uses legacy support.  Will now see SexAddicts when FNIS Generator is run.
  • 1.2 MiniLovers Sound mod eliminated, the sex sounds are now directly part of this mod.
  • 1.2 MiniLovers mod eliminated, the sex animations are now directly part of this mod.
  • 1.2 B key now properly ends sex act for both partners
  • 1.2 Replaced HD Bukkake texture with lower resolution file to fix CTDs caused by the HD file
  • 1.1 Fixed instantly over sex acts problem
  • 1.0 Fixed dialog for starting sex to work with almost everyone you can talk to
  • 1.0 Reverted to males taking the lead position whenever M/F sex is occuring
  • 1.0 Fixed odd-person-out problem where one NPC never took part in Random Rape (most noticeable when player was the one on the out)
  • 1.0 Added post-coitus Bukkake texture thanks to oli3d (lasts 3 minutes and fades away but could be covered by armor/clothes)
  • 1.0 Fixed screen jumping problem
  • ------------ New name and release numbers -- MLA Extended version below
  • V9 Can now use CTRL key with X and Z keys to make faster position adjustments (Shift+Ctrl+X or Z as well)
  • V9 Disabled for now but automatically equipped Strap-on for UNP and CBBE by Calyps (wtg for permission to use)
  • V9 Automatically equipped Futa (Thanks to Mayola)
  • V9 Full Configuration Menus - Console no longer required to set
  • V8 Added missing scripts that were causing mod to not work in V6 and V7 except for players who loaded over older or other versions.
  • V7 Player being raped is always in passive position (still can change with G key)
  • V7 If player is being raped, preferred position is not used unless rapist chooses it (still can change with Y key)
  • V7 Fixed FX sounds that were too loud
  • V6 Rapists in raper madness no longer try to rape mannequins, skeletons, dead people who are no longer present...
  • V6 Followers will now combat rape NPCs, friendly fuck (as a result of friendly fire) is now prevented
  • V5 Never released
  • V4 Followers would not combat rape other NPCs
  • V3 Fixed bug where MLAGuysOptions and MLAGalsOptions were not honored in combat rape situations.
  • V3 Fixed non-Removal of Nightingale armor.
  • V3 Unconscious or dead NPC no longer make sounds


Future plans

Not listed in any particular order

  • Nude suit support for compatibility with Sanguine' Debauchery and SexIs and of course to eliminate dead guys with erections strangness
  • Switch to using SexIs mod as the base sex animation player (waiting for a official release version)
  • Add support for solo, threesome, foursome and even five and six actor animations (from current twosome only)
  • Build a way to select as many as six actors for a sex act (if you have any ideas on how to do this quickly and easily please share them)
  • Tag each sex act with keywords (I am open to suggestions on what keywords should be used and which acts they should apply to)
  • Implement sex sequences so an animation can start with some kissing, follow up with foreplay, move on to oral and then to multiple positions and end with some cuddling.
  • Implement a "build your own" sex sequence so you can set up and play the sequences you'd prefer and add new sequences.
  • Allow the use of Zaz animations from the Zaz Animation pack in the sex sequences

The sex sequences idea is something that I see making it possible to set up a more believable rape sequence as well, on reaching the "rapeable" health value I see it starting with the victim being knocked down into a "woozy" state (this will need one or maybe two animations) giving the attacker the time to approach (if an archer) and kneel next to the victim (another animation needed) and then move around the victim as the garments closest to the attacker are removed and the victim becomes naked.  Then the attacker could aggressively fondle the victim before forcing a blow job then move on to one or more sex positions before ending with the cum shot.  With up to six actors though, the victim could be victims (player and follower?) and additional attackers could be standing around watching and/or masturbating and at the appropriate time take their turns with the victim(s).


B = Cancel current sex act involving the player
G = Reverse positions between the player and the NPC
H = Move to the next phase of the sex act
Shift H = Move to the previous phase of the sex act (Cannot reverse once the last phase has started though)
X = Move the player closer to the NPC
Shift X = Move the player further from the NPC
Y = Switch to the next sex animation
Z = Move the player up (vertically) vs. the NPC
Shift Z = Move the player down vs. the NPC

Ctrl X and Ctrl Shift X = Move the player relative to the NPC faster
Ctrl Z and Ctrl Shift Z = Move the player relative to the NPC faster
The key presses are detected by polling the keys during the script processing, this means you may have to hold the key (or key combination) down for a second or two (longer if your machines lags a lot) to get it to be detected.

(Note that the last sex animation and player position settings are remembered and will be used at the start of the next sex act involving the player, for NPC on NPC sex the sex act selected will be random)

Interesting note about the camera controls:

Many have noticed that when the player is the rapist the camera position as it rotates also causes the player position to rotate but when the player isn't the initiator of the sex the player's position is is independent of the camera position.

If you press the "R" key to "sheath" your hands between when you cast the rape spell but before the rape starts you will gain the same independent camera. You can also use the "R" key after the sex act has started but will have to use the "H" or Shift-H to advance or reverse the stage to get the PC animated again after sheathing.


SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender 1.65 or later)
FNIS (Fores New Idles In Skyrim 3.32 or later)
SKYUI (Not required yet but may be soon)

Highly Recommended
SKSE Tester - used to warn you if SKSE is not running properly
Known conflicting Mods:
PC Exclusive Animation Paths 
Frostfall (Random rape during a blizzard can be a killer because of no heat source and nude characters)

Recommended Load Order.

None, as a single mod now it doesn't matter where it's loaded.


A handy way to configure this mod right now is to create a file (with no file extension) with the "set" commands to configure the mod to your liking and place that file into your Skyrim folder.
Then you can use the Console command: BAT to run all those set commands. This is in fact how I expect most experienced gamers will do it since you can have your favorite configuration set up
(or multiple setups if you so desire) and reset the MOD to that quickly.

Configuration options are:


  • _SA_BuffSwitch
    • 0 = No post sex buff action
    • 1 = Gives player Married and well rested buffs after sex (unless player was raped)
  • _SA_CombatRapeSwitch
    • 0 = No combat rape will occur
    • 1 = NPCs will perform rape during combat (controlled by _SA_RHealthPercentage)
  • _SA_SoundSourceSwitch
    • 0 = Use simple in game sounds
    • 1 = Enable additional sex sounds
  • _SA_PlayerTalkSwitch (Not sure this works at all)
    • 0 = Player says nothing
    • 1 = Player occasionally greets during sex
  • _SA_PimpSwitch Requires _SA_BuffSwitch = 1
    • 0 = Off
    • 1 = If you satisfy the NPC well gives you a copy of their house key and allows you to be welcome in their home if you visit their home before you satisfy 20 other NPCs.
  • _SA_EnemyAssaultSwitch
    • 0 = No combat rape
    • 1 = Combat rape is enabled
  • _SA_UndressSwitch
    • 0 = Actors are not undressed for sex (use your imagination)
    • 1 = Actors are stripped for sex (and dressed again after sex)
  • _SA_RHealthPercentage
    Default = 30. Used during combat rape, percentage of health remaining before a combat rape is allowed to occur.
  • _SA_RFollowerInvolved (Combat rape only, does not affect Raper Madness)
    • 0 = Followers are not raped in combat (player will not be raped either)
    • 1 = Followers can be raped during combat
  • _SA_RPlayerInvolved (Combat rape only, does not affect Raper Madness)
    • 0 = Player is not raped in combat
    • 1 = Player can be raped during combat if followers are also allowed to be raped
  • _SA_RQPercentage Random rape setting
    • 0 = Off
    • 2 = Seldom
    • 15 = Always
    • 25 = Raper madness
  • _SA_NotifyFlag
    • 0 = No notifications
    • 1 = Tell me about what sex is going on
  • _SA_GalsOptions
    • 0 = Straight or Lesbian sex is ok
    • 1 = Only straight sex for gals
    • 2 = Only lesbian sex for gals
    • 3 = No sex at all for gals
  • _SA_GuysOptions
    • 0 = Straight or Gay sex is ok
    • 1 = Only straight sex for guys
    • 2 = Only gay sex for guys
    • 3 = No sex at all for guys
  • _SA_FollowersCombatRape
    • 0 = Followers will not initiate combat rape
    • 1 = Followers will rape enemy combatants
  • _SA_RPercentChanceWillRape
    By default once a NPC or the player is below the rape health threshold they will be raped by the next NPC that hits the. This exists so that you can tune in a lower chance of that rape occurring. Note that this is applied for every hit taken by a NPC while in a rapeable health situation so every additional hit leads to another chance to be raped.
  • _SA_RRapistHealthPercentage
    If the NPCs health drops below this level they are too weak to rape others
  • _SA_RapeCalmOption
    • 0 = No calming effect, fighting will resume after the rape
    • 1 = NPCs raped by the player or who rape the player will be calmed
    • 2 = NPCs raped by the player or followers or who rape the player or followers will be calmed
  • _SA_MinReps

    Option to adjust minimum and maximum length for the sex act. Each act has 4 phases and each "rep" is 1/2 second so with a _SA_MinReps value of 10 the
    minimum length of a sex act would be 4 * .5 * 10 for 20 seconds and a _SA_MaxReps setting of 40 would give a maximum sex act length 1 min 20 seconds.
    (Not quite true, the time it takes to run the script for each "rep" is not included in the totals)

Here is a sample configuration file that has been used for some of the testing:

Set _SA_RFollowerInvolved to 1
Set _SA_CombatRapeSwitch to 1
Set _SA_BuffSwitch to 1
Set _SA_NecroSwitch to 1
Set _SA_UndressSwitch to 1
Set _SA_EnemyAssaultSwitch to 1
Set _SA_RPlayerInvolved to 1
Set _SA_GuysOptions to 1



  • Configuration Menus are too wide for 4:3 and 5:4 resolution screens (temp fix: Install SKYUI and use smaller font)
  • Leaving a cell while sex is happening can lead to bad saves and other troubles
  • Lunari custom race seems to not work well with this mod
  • Sex while transformed into a Werewolf or Vampire Lord doesn't work
  • Some NPCs who are active in quests or are waiting to give you a quest cannot have sex until the quest is completed. 
  • You have the option to conversationally request sex with NPCs that you you have set your options to not allow
  • Multiple rapists can still attach to a single victim resulting in strange looking animations as the victim is passed back and forth between the rapists (reduced but not completely gone yet)
  • Conflicts with Sanguine's Debauchery unless MLARPlayerInvolved = 0 (Keeps your player from becoming a rape victim in my mod so you don't have an animation going when you could be being enslaved by the SD mod)
  • Sex with the dead, the body doesn't get into the sex act, it just lays floppy and may not even be close to you.
  • Undress function can unequip quest items from other quests, possibly breaking those quests.


To Report a new bug:

Post in thread describing the problem, please mention the version of the mod you are using and try to include as much information about how the bug occured as you can remember.

For difficult problems you may be asked to provide a log, following are the instructions to enable logging:

Instructions for enabling logging in Skyrim

Find Skyrim.ini in your "My Documents" folder. Open it up in Notepad or your preferred text editor. Then make the following changes and save it. You'll find the logs inside the "My Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Logs\" folder the next time you run the game. The most recent log will always be named "Papyrus.0.log"



To disable logging again just change the "=1" to "=0" for the three values marked "=" above.

How to install

For users of older versions of this MOD:

Turn off the Random Rape option
Make sure all in progress sex acts are completed, save and exit the game.
Uninstall the older version of this MOD.
Run FNIS Generator
Load game and create a new save with the MOD unloaded, exit game
Install the new version of this MOD.
Run FNIS Generator
Load saved game from above.

For new users of this MOD:

Do not use with with a save game you cannot afford to lose. As much as I'd like to say it's free enough from bugs to be used all the time I haven't stress tested it through a whole game completion yet.

Consider this a mod for playing a daydream diversion from the mainline quest or for seeing how or whether you could fuck your way through a particular part of the game but use the results from the normal play for going forward and not the results from playing through with this mod.

The files can be install with a MOD manager or just extracted and copied to the data folder (merging the subfolders).
Once installed you will find new spells added the first time you run with the mod activated.

All users of the Mod:
You must run the GenerateFNISforUsers program after installing or the animations will not work. Also run it again if you uninstall this or any other animation mod.

All of you who have reported problems - The fixes that make it work better
Mayola - Futa Options
oil3d - Bukkake textures that fade away in 3 mins
jackbite69 - Additional voices for variety
arrok - Additional and updated sex animations!
Calyps - Strapon options (for UNP and CBBE)
*Currently Unknown - The author of the MLA mod this was based on (Thank you very much for the inspiration)
*Currently Unknown - The author of the MLA Sound mod
*Currently Unknown - The author of the Minilovers mod who made these animations in the first place

* - If you know the proper names they prefer to be credited under please let me know, they deserve the credit and without their work this mod would not exist at all.
Download for current version (1.3):

MediaFire link courtesy of jackbite69: http://www.mediafire.com/?rp8ygu1695n460h - Misspelled name is intentional to bypass MediaFire's censor by filename system.
I see a lot of mods these days that spell out the terms of use for their mod, it's a good idea so:
No uploading this mod to Nexus or Steam but mainly because it will get you banned.  Uploading this mod to other sites is acceptable but give a link back to here so if you don't keep it up to date they can come here for the current version.
As evidenced many times in the thread, I approve and encourage people to open this in the CK and make their own tweaks and modifications to it.  I'll even help you with problems as long as the intended change doesn't violate the terms of the forum (no child nudity/sex requests).
If you make a significant change to the mod and feel up to the challenge of supporting it feel free to upload your version under your own banner (that's pretty much how this mod got started, I seriously can't complain if someone else does the same).
Most of all, please have fun with this mod.  That's the point after all.

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Is this compatible with Sex in Skyrim and "All in one sex mod" which basically combines ASX/AP/MLA? I thought Sex in Skyrim also has an auto-rape feature in combat when low health?


Yes and no, you can have both installed at once but it would be a very bad idea to have both enabled at once. If you have two mods that have a player gets raped threshhold and one blow puts your player under both thresholds then your definitely going to have both mods trying to animate one NPC with the likely outcome that neither will win.

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I can confirm..


Sex acts are extremely brief regardless of _SA_MinReps and _SA_MaxReps settings.


Am I doing something wrong ?


Probably not, you aren't the only one seeing that. Sex acts seemed to be running ok on my machine but it is rather slower than average.

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Pretty much the same thing as previous posts.


Oh, and when my female PC initiates sex through dialogue, she's always the 'male'.


When I try to change this with the G key, she and the NPC suddenly move very far apart yet the animation continues.

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Thanks for putting this up I've been patiently waiting for this.

I've play tested on a vanilla save with no previous versions of this or any other mod and so far after 3 dungeons and a lot of taverns It seems to be working as intended.

No camera shake,haven't seen anyone get passed around yet,combat rapes seems to work well,I love the bukkake textures they look way better than oblivion's(they are more focused on the proper parts),It seems to play well with followers,the only real complaint has already been mentioned and it looks to me like it's only playing the last stage of the animation for both random and combat rape. Which is why its so short I think.


Thanks for continually working on this and sharing. I think you've managed to fix all the issues with MLA


edit "oil3d - Bukkake textures that fade away in 3 mins" they don't fade away,it drips away on the mouth and breast. That is a nice touch thanks oil3d for making it and thanks WaxenFigure for including it I would never had tried it as a standalone spell.Just thought that part needed special attention

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I've actually your "old" MLAExtension V8 running (it's stable for me and without identification gender problems the V9 has).


I noticed that this new one introduces, in fact, meshes and textures for equippable item and some new script files (pex).

A lot of other scripts are the same, as the same are the main ESMs files (miniLoversIdles and miniLoversSound).

The only big difference is in the plugins (esp files).

Considering the difference of the name of files, could I use the two esp at the same time or some of the new scripts are conflicting with the olders ones?

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Love that the jumpy/twitchy rape issue has finally been resolved. My only complaint is that, like a few other posts say, the sex scenes are too brief. They only last like 5 seconds. The cum effects are a really nice touch! Really great update overall. Looking forward to a solution to the problem with multiple attackers and combat rape!

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When I installed this mod my followers started twitching and cycling through random idle animations very quickly. Not sure what would cause this. Does anyone know how to fix it? Also When I tested the sex anims out everything seemed to work but my sex partner stayed in the sex position and slid accross the floor when following me... Any help with the NPC Idle twitching would be great! TY.

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The load order in your main sexadicts.esp is in reverse re the main Minlovers ESM Files, you can see that in Wrye Bash, it might be an idea to fix that before you develop this further. Great effort to date :-)



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I've actually your "old" MLAExtension V8 running (it's stable for me and without identification gender problems the V9 has).


I noticed that this new one introduces' date=' in fact, meshes and textures for equippable item and some new script files (pex).

A lot of other scripts are the same, as the same are the main ESMs files (miniLoversIdles and miniLoversSound).

The only big difference is in the plugins (esp files).

Considering the difference of the name of files, could I use the two esp at the same time or some of the new scripts are conflicting with the olders ones?



I believe there would be some conflict, the changes in names started in the V8 version when new items were assigned names under the new scheme. Whatever conflict would be small though, the major work didn't occur until this release.

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Just a note about the "bukkake" thing.

I tried before the original oil3d's test mod and I suffered istant CTD casting the bukkake spell until I discovered that the cause was the 004.dds to much HighRes for my computer and video-card.


I resized the texture to half, adding MipMaps and now everything works well.


Due I noticed you placed the texture into your mod exactly as they were in the original one, I suggest to pay attention if someone could have the same problem and, maybe, resize the texture itself as I did.

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