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  1. Is there a way to prevent SL from adjusting actor scale period? I made sure to leave even actor height disabled but something is still causing that to happen. Also, the height is never restored to the original so reloading my game is the only way to get them back.
  2. Just had Uthgerd's WAP While taking a break in Hag's End. When we finished she said congratulations which I thought was hilarious. Then we decided to elope. This game never gets old to me...
  3. So will this still work with the latest VRIK dev build? Sorta want finger tracking and beast forms. On a side note... if you are male... and own a fleshlight... this is completely amazing and feels like virtual fucking... difficult for me to put into words but when everything comes together it's like a very good sex training gym... how long can you last and how many times can you make your waifu climax? Can you stay hard? Sexlab vr + fleshlight is quite the challenge. Wish there was some actual rythm game we could add to sexlab VR where we could use a tracker on the FL
  4. So I must be doing something wrong. Whenever I install SLSO, my view spins out of control. When I don't have that mod installed everything runs fine... Is this something to do with the scripts?
  5. HI there. I am using this mod with the VR version of Skyrim. Everything seems to be working perfectly however I have the funny bizness female creature animations (Playing a male character) and when I came across a giantess (Naked giants) She started reverse cow girl. To test I ended the SL animation and initiated sex with her again and reverse cowgirl was selected again. I attempt to change the animation but only seems to be able to get reverse cowgirl with the giantess... What could cause this? It isn't exactly a terrible issue but I wanted to make sure that I can access all of the animations
  6. Yea. It is definitely this mod. I will just avoid using it until it gets updated for VR. This mod adds great immersion for females but it is definitely not worth the tinkering if you ask me. Would someone be willing to look into updating this mod so support VR SOS full?
  7. I have this installed with the BHUNP body. I built the bodyslide meshes for this body but whenever I give the Pubic hair to my character I get a CTD. Not sure why. I am playing in Skyrim VR with the VR version of SOS. Male schlongs are working just fine. If this is simply an addon to SOS full, why would the pubes cause a CTD? Is it the BHUNP body that is the culprit?
  8. Everything read as OK. I honestly have no idea what was causing it but after completely reinstalling everything in the order you described it is working perfectly now :) Thank you. The check for requirements was always "OK!" for everything.
  9. I def have the VR options first. Animations start... I'll reinstall everything.
  10. Ok so thank you very much for making this possible! I really need help because I literally vomited from using this mod. For some reason EVERYTHING is spinning out of control. I can some what regain control of my view but it is extremely sensitive. I want to get this to work but just can't stop the entire view from spinning super fast. Can someone help me to understand how to stop that from happening?
  11. Hello. Just as the title states, Dialogue with any NPC is broken in my game. I would like to avoid disabling all of my mod or at least save it for the last resort... What happens: When I activate an NPC dialogue works fine at first. I can choose my options and move on. If I try to speak to the same NPC again, I get locked in place with the NPC staring at me waiting to choose a dialogue option only I cannot see a menu to choose an option. I have to wait for the dialogue to "Time out" before I can move again. The only thing that fixes this is to restart Skyrim VR which is very annoyi
  12. Maybe I should start my mod list from scratch using Vortex. I have been using MO2 and am currently yesting SL mods in my VR setup but I haven't been able to track down what mod/mods are causing my CTD and instability. I'm on my phone at work now but will post my LO as soon as I get home. Maybe I just need to eliminate a specific mod.
  13. I have around the same amount of mods but I keep getting reandom CTDs and would rather follow someone's stable VR setup n just play your way.
  14. Would someone be willing to post their stablrish mod list for skyrim VR?
  15. Has anyone tried using this with skyrim VR
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