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New FAQ "From Users for Users"?


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Hello to everyone - and especially, the "just-users" of the sexout-mods!


Here is a little suggestion to help all the modders get rid of all those questions, asked again and again and again, because we (the useres of these great mods) can't read, won't read ... and maybe the faq of a few mod-threads aren't up-to-date ... or we have simply overseen the solution in hundreds and hundreds of pages, thousands of posts.


We could make a FAQ by ourself!


One Thread (or two - split in technical-faq and quest-content-faq), maybe sticked to the top by the moderators, where we post the solutioms - and ONLY the solutions - of problems we had ourself, and had found the solution/got-an-answer in the specivic thread/have read the installation-guide etc.


And if some of the modders would like to help too ... why not?

But, again, everyone, who USES sexout could help.




One example I ran in yesterday ... the solution is in the offical thread, but I have overseen it again and again, till I fond the answer exidentially because someone else had the same problem an recieved the answer propperly.




PROBLEM (SexoutPregnancyV3; technical):

As my Player/Companion gives birth, suddenly she stands arround with a big red exclemation-mark. In the inventory (clothing) is a puppy/baby she is wearing. By "undressing" the exclemation-mark disaperes.






You have just forgotten to install the "Lara-Croft-Backpack"




as written in the Pregnancy-Thread.




Install it (delete the esp) an everithing should be ok.







What do you think about my sugesstion?





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I have seen a player designed FAQ before - it's now a sticky thread (http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=9827 ) and it's actively being maintained by annika.


I have also been thinking about making a mod for SexoutStore that adds a peep show - the idea would be to test whether mods have been installed properly, by showing the player a sequence of images. Each image would ideally require the latest version of some mode to display properly and would have behind it an image announcing which mod was needed. So if the mods were all installed properly you would get a peep show and if they were not you would get exclamation points but you would also get hints about what to install. But I suffer from way too many ideas for me to get them all done, so I may never do this... Also, I think this approach only works for mods that supply .nif files.

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I have seen a player designed FAQ before - it's now a sticky thread (http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=9827) and it's actively being maintained.


More like semi-actively. :)


But any and all input is more than welcome! I'm a bit torn on how much mod specific information to add. They sound like stuff that might be better handled within mods' own threads. There's also the possibility of too much information, as the FAQ is pretty long already. And with the average attention span of a forumite... But I suppose if something is common enough of a problem that several players run into, it should be in the FAQ.

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Well, I know the existin FAQ-thread.

But there is the same "problem" as im most of the other threads: The first post is very helpful (Thanks alot, annika) But if the solution for my problem isn't found in the first post, it's not easy to find an answer. The most posts are questions, discusion, quotes, thanks etc. No, It's not easy to find any information.


My suggestion is about to have a thread that contains ONLY the solutions, written down in a simple amd clear structure as maybe:




Problem (mod):






xyz (maybe as spoiler-tag)




and any else post should be deleted.

If you try to put all information to the first post, the toppic-starter has all the work to do. It shotld be strictly controled, like the "plug-ins"-thread, wich contains only update-information.





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Annika semi-regularly adds to the main post when a problem is prevalent enough to need an answer. That's why the first post is so long, and the others are mostly questions and thanks for answers. Add your question to the end of the thread, and if its asked often enough to qualify for the F part of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) it gets added to the OP.

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And for the record' date=' questions like the one in your example (where the answer is "you didn't follow instructions properly") aren't all that likely to get added to any FAQ.



Yes... though we can hope that eventually the instructions will be made simple and where that is not possible that the mods will try to make clear to the user that they failed to follow instructions and where that is not possible, if enough people have problems, the issue might eventually wind up being covered by a FAQ.


Still, this process takes time and there are so many little details that if a FAQ tried to cover all of them the FAQ would be so big that almost no one would read it. Which, of course, would contribute to the issue of people not following instructions...

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