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  1. I just took a glance at this, and the modding tools seem pretty powerful, at least as far as I can see. Here's the English guide. Any previous experience with Unity and C# would be a huge help, but it doesn't seem like the black magic that modders usually have to get familiar with. The game itself has huge potential for LL style modding. A Fallout style wasteland filled with raiders, creatures and just plain nasty personalities.
  2. I tried yesterday AoB:EC for two hours before returning it. I soooo much wanted to like it, and I kinda did. Atmosphere was good, art style was nice, lots of naked flesh and gore... But the combat - which forms majority of the game - was mediocre even at best of times and controls all around felt very clunky. And the bugs.. so many bugs! It felt like I was playing a free flash game with not very high production values. If you're making a game like this, you absolutely need to make combat feel good and the controls responsive! Otherwise it just makes the experience too frustrating. Devs should
  3. Not finding a thread about virtual reality adult games, I decided to start one. This is the stuff I've found and tried so far: Waifu Sex Simulator: Japanese style sex simulator. Has some pre-made scenes with bunch of different actors that you can try out. Works with Rift, Vive and Google Cardboard. Leap support. Kinda awful user interface, but still gives some fun moments. Google for possible newer version, as the link leads to v1.4 that was out at the moment of writing this post. Free, so there's no reason not to try it. PlayClub: Japanese style sex simulator that has a pretty short s
  4. Huh, this is weird. It's working for me now too. But it was not showing any new posts for months.
  5. Sorry, I actually just noticed your post! I usually use those "go to first new post" buttons to see if there's anything new in threads, and it seems that they don't work for sticky posts. It's been a while since last update. Here's some fixed I did. Added a mention that SexoutBreeder is no longer compatible. NVSE link no longer mentions outdated version. Tryout link updated to the right one. Fixed one broken NVSE Extender link. Changed broken BOSS link to reference LOOT instead. And remember folks, if you have any technical problems, go to Technical Support.
  6. Public version 0.2.7 is out.
  7. I'm myself gonna postpone getting DA:I, despite really loving DA:O and somewhat liking DA2. I dislike too much Origin, EA's DLC policy, their artificially high prices and the lack of modding support. Makes me a sad panda.
  8. Sounds interesting, but the links are dead. Seems like something's got broken on the page after I made the post. Hopefully it gets fixed soon...
  9. HypnoKitten's Den - Adult Games for Discerning Adults. It's a development blog for an adult game called Hentai Office HK and for a game engine called Hex Game Engine. I don't think there's anything released yet (nor will be for a while?), but there's tons of great Adult Game Links to browse through!
  10. I managed to download the files and can confirm that it's a real mod all right. I'm not quite sure what to think of it. It does show some genuine promise, and I liked certain parts. The world seems merciless and the atmosphere in general is quite good. There are several sex scenes to be had. However, at the same time the mod does seem like some sort of elaborate trolling prank. Just in case people want to experience it themselves, I'm putting it inside spoilers. Anyways, I don't have any regrets trying the mod out. Thanks for the experience Calicum_Salt.
  11. Thanks, corrected! Edit: Also added a warning that nothing from Body by Race is needed under number "3".
  12. From the Bouncing Breasts Type 3 Armor page: So I am confused. First we learn that Body by Race is incompatible with Sexout, but then just a few paragraphs down from that warning, we are recommended to install an armor replacer that requires Body by Race. Please, could someone take a moment to suggest a "skimpy" armor replacer mod that supports Bouncing Natural Breasts and does not conflict with Sexout? Thanks in advance for stopping my head from spinning... "Body by Race" itself is incompatible. The Optional Player Bodies from it is not incompatible. EDIT: Actually,
  13. How hard would it be to include hair color changing to the mod? It could be fun to see your character's originally dark hair gradually turning into bimbo blond (or red, or anything the player has chosen from MCM) as she has more sex than is healthy for her.
  14. Yikes, so it seems! I removed the skeleton from requirements and updated other parts to reflect this.
  15. I did following updates to the FAQ: Updated currently required NVSE version. Fixed link to NVSE Extender. Fixed link to SexoutNG Framework. Removed link to the compilation file. If anything else is required, please let me know.
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