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I'll tell you how to quickly find loverslab stuff from the internet.


xeo sp++ site:loverslab.com

in your whatever search bar and hit enter, or optionally click "I'm feeling lucky" button if you're on Google and feeling lucky.


It should lead you to this page.

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Okay so I downloaded all the required files, but I'm getting errors on 7Zip saying that the files cannot be extracted... uhh.. is there anyway to have all the files together in one folder? like.. does anyone have this mod together in a folder instead of in separated parts?

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According to the post, the archive contains errors. Probably just a minor header error, otherwise she wouldn't have linked them in the first place.

Some archive programs don't let you expand a single file from a faulty archive while some others let you salvage what's left of it. And, as stated in the post, 7-Zip does as far as it can.


So do as you are told, and if even that doesn't work tell us which one still give you a problem. Or try your luck elsewhere.


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7z with numbers 001, 002,... ( That is one big files splitted in parts )

All files in ONE folder, then unpack the 001 files with 7z program. All files will be unpacked , you can not unpack files 002 or 003 separately.


And there is a wrong instruction : Do NOT use " archive invalidation to BSA alteration"  use " archive invalidate via Bsa Redirection "

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