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  1. does anyone have the first oriental beauty race for skyrim?
  2. does anyone have any japanese\asian new world spaces for skyrim le?
  3. is there any new worldspace mods in japanese or asian style for skyrim le?
  4. is there any good npc overhaul mods that make all npcs look anime? im talking like code vein or genshin impact style and stuff
  5. what are some classic skyrim mods that make the game feel like zelda breath of the wild? i'm going for a botw style playthrough.
  6. THANK YOU!!! I've always wanted this race for skyrim le
  7. would the elin race for skyrim be able to be ported and used into oblivion? oblivion needs more anime race mods
  8. would it be okay for you to send them to me since I already have the required race for it to work?
  9. ah nice! and yes I already have the tera elin races. I only have old skyrim so I'd need it for that.
  10. yeah this is a dumb question and idk if its possible but could someone convert the nanakochan anime race from fallout 4 to skyrim le? thats the best anime race ive seen and I wanna play as a cute anime character in old skyrim just wondering if possible or not that is all
  11. can someone take this mod and reupload it on mega? as I said before, google drive does NOT work for me. https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1X83xxvyKzVPXdQYZFX7T9ICrgBfDK2Ch&export=download sorry for being so troublesome
  12. I know this thread is most likely dead, but I'd be happy to see zelda oot and mm locations ported into skyrim.
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