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NMM Please don't send me away!!!!


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Hi before you all yell and say go to nexus; I have ha really good luck here and not there.  I recently tried installing Halo 1.8 and while it was installing; I accidently launched skyrim.  Realizing my mistake I quit skyrim taking me back to nexus, but it was froze.  Next I had to restart my computer and now nexus won't open at all.  I click on it and it won't even load.  Normaly the nexus part opens up while it loads.  I get absolutely nothing!  Before I do anything drastic like uninstall and try to reinstall; I figured I would try here for help.

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When you say 'nexus' do you mean the website or NMM?


Right-click on the shortcut of whichever one, select 'Properties' and check that it is pointing at the correct place.


With NMM you can try opening it from Start - All Programs  or browsing to where the exe is and double-clicking that.


Have look in Task Mangager to make sure NMM isn't already running for whatever reason. If it is then End Process.

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Isn't halo 1.8 for minecraft?

Not sure if I understand that correct^^

did it happen during the transfer of the zip file to NMM or during installation of the mod?

if you installed a minecraft mod, how did you manage to start skyrim via NMM?


whatever happend

you could try to go into the nexus directory and remove Halo 1.8 from the

> virtual install folder

> cache folder

> the original zip from the mod folder

> and check the install info folder for traces of the halo installation


like that NMM hopefully won't try to continue the installation if you start it


alternative, how long did you wait till you restarted your PC after NMM got stuck?

maybe it worth a try: start NMM and let it work for 15min or so

and like GC said, check in taskmanager if NMM even tries to do something on start (like CPU usage and data read/write)

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3 hours ago, donttouchmethere said:

maybe it worth a try: start NMM and let it work for 15min or so

Good idea.

I'd try this one before trying any uninstalling.

Open Task Manager and you will see if NMM is actually doing anything by looking at the NexusClient.exe cpu and memory usage under the Processes tab.

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