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HDT-less UUNP Special ?


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Is there such a thing as a Zeroed Sliders UUNP body with the belly node for pregnancy mods ?  The "Special" UUNP Body is the only one so far that manages to inflate the belly of my character, but it applies HDT to every female character ingame and I don't need that (it causes distortion and invisible bodies).



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18 minutes ago, Grey Cloud said:

Every body will apply to all NPCs which look to that folder* for their body mesh.


*Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets


Yes, I know but I want them to have a HDT-less body, which means my character needs a HDT-less body too.  The issue is that I don't know if there's such a body with the belly node (or a body that works with pregnancy mods)

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57 minutes ago, Grey Cloud said:

Why? What is it you are trying to eliminate?

Having every female NPC have a HDT body causes stretching and invisible NPCs (basically my GPU doesn't render them anymore)


1 hour ago, jap2015 said:

You could use something like this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8720

Interesting but unfortunately I can't install it without breaking other mods that rely on my character race...  I don't need HDT at all, I'm fine with having the same body as NPCs.  But I need someone who knows if I can use Bodyslide to make a body that doesn't have HDT but has a working belly node

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10 minutes ago, Grey Cloud said:

That sounds as if you have something set up or configured incorrectly. How much VRAM and RAM do you have? If your machine meets the psec for Skyrim then it should be okay.

I don't think it's a hardware issue, I can play with 200 mods and Rudy ENB with good FPS (8GB RAM and VRAM : i5 and GTX1070 + SSD).  From what I've read there are just too many threads trying to handle HDT.  It doesn't happen all the time but I sometimes get attacked by invisible NPCs that haven't rendered :/


As I said, I don't need HDT, it doesn't bring much to the table for me so I'd rather have it removed from the bodies.

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1 hour ago, jap2015 said:

Not sure I know what you are really after. But if you don't want HDT, cant you just remove your SKSE Plugins. And/Or open up your body in Nifscope and remove the string data.

Basically, a UUNP Special body, but without HDT features.  As I'm currently using the UUNP Special body (I need it for pregnancy mods), I don't think I can safely remove the SKSE plugin, on which my current body relies.


1 hour ago, Grey Cloud said:

No it's not hardware, it is software.  It is something set up incorrectly. What you describe should not happen and it would be easier to get rid of the problem rather than jump through hoops to get around it.

Well, I'm not saying I have a perfect build but I have most things set up correctly (ENBoost, Crash fixes, ini tweaks for multicore, bashed patches etc).  I'm currently taking a look at this and will try it tomorrow :


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If anyone finds this topic with the same issue (invisible npcs), I recommend doing the following :


- Editing hdtPhysicsExtensions.ini (that comes with HDT itself) and change (depending on your CPU, it goes from 0 to 5) :


- Editing your HDT body .xml file (hdtPhysicsExtensionDefaultBBP.xml) and change every maxLinearVelocity and maxAngularVelocity to 255 :

							<hkparam name="maxLinearVelocity">
									<hkparam name="value">255</hkparam>
							<hkparam name="maxAngularVelocity">
									<hkparam name="value">255</hkparam>


Thank you to the people that tried to help me here

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