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got crash file error


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Well you obviously use Crash Fixes which is good. Do you also use:

SKSE Plugin Preloader



and do you use an ENB? If you don't you should use ENBoost:



These 3 will reduce the likelihood of CTDs. You will never be completely free of them though.


If you are new to modding Skyrim, you could post yor load order here and maybe get some advice on that.

Use the 3 vertical dots in LOOT to get a text file of your plug-in list.

Come here and type [ spoiler ] without the spaces and hit Return

paste the plug-in list here (just the text, not the file), hit Return

Type [ /spoiler ] without hte spaces but with the forward slash.


You can do the same with images.

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20 hours ago, Huntress1181 said:

Had a crash while playing. Anyone know what this is? How to fix it?

That message say very clear that you have a problem in a nif file. Can be one of the nif that show in the list or not. That list only have 8 files and the game can read hundred of files per second.


Start looking the mod's related to the nif that show in the list like cloaks, cuirass and boots. Verify you are ussing the correct version. The mesh structure is diferent for LE and SE. If you install a mod for SE in LE you get a sure CDT. Look for an updated version or reinstall the mod's.


If you have the problem always in the same location can be a mod that change that location. If the crash is random in a lot of locations the fail can come from a generic mod that change armors or weapons. Can be a mod that change ilumination or climatology.

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