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Untold Lore about Skyrim (My Own story)

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Hiii there! I wanted to tell you guys a short version of my story. PLEASE DO TELL ME WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK!! 



Eldana. She's half Daedra and half Nord. (Also my protagonist of Skyrim) ^^


So, the character Eldana is from a extinct Nordic Clan. [The Hero of kvatch was also from the same clan.

The Nordic clan was named "Ul'Finan" The Nords who were born in the same clan were quite different from the other ones because they had distinct looks: White-Sliverish hair, gray eyes and they can live up to 200 years.


There's a huge lore which I had setup up might post it someday...


{{Just some cherry on the top. Vivec and Lorkhan had a big hand in creating the Nordic clan.}}


So the story of Eldana starts out being born half Daedra and half Nord with no mother or father. She was found in a house left alone to die, but some bandits nearby found her and the bandits were from

the same clan as her. She grew up with them and had a friend around the same age as her. Later they become siblings as they grow up... At some point the brother leaves and Eldana who had trained for 40 years 

with the last reaming few ones of her clan. She then leaves out on a quest to find her brother. 


{{When she leaves for Skyrim, she dyes her hair color to black as her clan members are thought to be extinct and she must keep her clan a secret. Why? Because reasons...}} 


Then the story of Skyrim happens and she finds out she's a Dovahkiin. In between the Skyrim story, her Daedra blood takes control of her making her forger about everything she stood for, making her a completely different person with her own motives. When the blood takes over her eyes change into yellow-reddish color. She joins up Dark Brotherhood and the same story follows but with a little twist, she's the one who kills Astrid. 


She's sweet and friendly with everyone around her, but when in transformed stage. She will destroy you.


In short: Split Personality. 


Well, the Skyrim story ends and she ascends to her Daedra form. There's more to the story but I don't know where to post the whole story or the Nordic Clan lore. 

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