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Crashing after loading screen

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You really need to give more information.


"After loading screen", meaning game load to menu? after you launch a save? where is the save? Interior space?


Installed FNIS XXL, but did you run it?  Did you test it with just a few animations first, or did you overload it?  Just because FNIS runs, doesn't mean Skyrim will.  My own rig taps out around 16K animations loaded, even though XXL gets through the list.  Other have different thresholds.

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Download LOOT & Tes5Edit. Usually helps me figure out the problem. Also, you did recently download some new mods, so i would disable them to see if that changes anything. 


If really nothing works what i do is i disable all my mods, run Skyrim to see if it's actually a mod problem. And then if it does run I just gradually enable some mods, run it, if no problem occurs enable some more untill i find the root of the problem. 


This is how i fix my mod issues personally it might not be the best. 

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If your game crash BEFORE show the main menu you are fault of a master at 99%. Run LOOT and see errors.

If your game crash when you click NEW GAME you have excesive animations at 99%. Remove SLAL pack's and run fnis again. Yours animation count in CHARACTER must be below 12k. 


Is not recomended use Fnis XXL until you know what it can make.

When you use NOMAL Fnis and you have excesive animations you get a error message.

When you use Fnis XXL and you have excesive animations you NOT get the error message but the game make CTD when try load a game or start a new.

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