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Game you can recruit a female squad/army


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I'm looking for a game you can recruit NPC into your squad/army.  Some example: Skyrim, Fallout companions system.

Game you can customize your squad to be all female: Xcom, Ghost recon wildlands, divinity: original sin 2.  MSGV: you can choose to only capture female solider to your base. Maybe mount and blade game but they don't have female solider. assassin's creed 2: you can recruit all female assassin. R6S: well, if all player choose a female operator.



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Witcher 3 with Multi Companion Mod


Pillars of Eternity 1/2, Pathfinder Kingmaker and a few other CRPGs that let you create your own party.


Dead Rising 2 and OTR with mods, Dead Rising 3 vanilla.


Dynasty Warriors 8 XL and Empires


Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen


God Eater 1 and 2, Toukiden.


Off the top of my head. Most of these aren't specifically focused on all female squads, mind, but provide enough choices that you can go that direction should you choose to. 

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Final Fantasy Tactics/War of the Lions (well, Ramza is always a squad member but you did ask if female characters could be recruited in addition to whether or not all female squads can be formed), Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Disgaea 1 (in Etna mode)& 5, Suikoden 3, Dragon Quest 9, Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates, BladeStorm, Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1&2, Saint's Row 2-4, Dark Souls series, Divinity Original Sin 1&2, Dragon Age Series, Fallout 3-New Vegas-4 and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1&2 that I can recall off-hand and haven't already been mentioned above.


Neptunia series obviously wouldn't count nor would Sakura Dungeon or Senran Kagura since there is no other option but to recruit female characters in those series (except in Peach Beach Splash).

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actually one thing you may not know but you can have an army of female warriors in any vanilla M&B game but it can be a tedious pain in the arse thing to do because of the recruited prisoner moral penalty your army gets each time you convince some prisoners to join you. (since your current army may have deserters that will leave you during the night)

basically goto a faction that you give no fucks about, attack and capture their female villagers and try to recruit them. but to create a decent sized army of female warriors you'd need at minimum a fort to garrison your army and prisoners to avoid the moral penalty when recruiting the female villages, plus there is the deaths from leveling them up into decent units and keeping them alive afterwards during wars........ ugh it was a painful playthrough

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For anyone who is still interested:

Princess & Conquest.

Darkest Dungeon


Since there are re-releasing it as Trials of Mana, Square-Enix reminded me that Seiken Densetsu 3 allows one to make an all-female squad. It was also possible in Chrono Trigger. There was even a special item that granted a special attack to single gender teams.

Yes, it was power through gender segregation but a power that required losing a slot that could have been occupied by a better item. The normal gender integrated Triple Techs were better, anyway.

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