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Help with this glitch!All my npc and character floating like an animation but i dont install any like this?


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2 hours ago, GABELORD said:




What Myuhinny said, but let me be a little more specific since you don't have a lot of posts here. If you already know about posting your load order just ignore the rest of this post.


First, while you can get your load order from a number of sources (including your mod manager) the best source (in my opinion and for a number of reasons) is LOOT. LOOT is the Load Order Optimisation Tool. You can find it with a simple Google search. You can also find a link to it in my blog (a link to that is in my signature below). LOOT's primary purpose is to run an algorithm and put your mods in the order in which they are least likely to cause you problems. Among the many side benefits is that it will allow you to export your load order. When you are in LOOT you will see an icon in the upper right, on the blue bar, that looks like three vertical dots or buttons. When you click on that you will receive a number of choices including "copy load order to Clipboard." Click on that and paste that load order here, preferably in a spoiler.


Second, using a spoiler on LoversLab (LL). If you know how to do this already feel free to ignore the rest of my post and load your load order here (or not). When you type a post here on LL there is a bar that runs over the top. It starts with "Size" and "Font". About halfway across the bar is an icon that looks like an eye (it is just too the right of the smiley-face emoji icon). Click on that to open a spoiler (like the one I used to start this post). Then move the cursor inside the spoiler (if it is not already there) and paste your load order. If you want you can use your mouse to move the cursor back outside the spoiler box and do some more typing or add another spoiler or whatever, Whenever you load a "wall of text" (like a load order) or more than one picture or video, you should use a spoiler. The reason for that is that all those things tend to slow the loading of a thread when NOT placed inside a spoiler. If you like I can point you to threads which do not routinely follow this rule (by the way, thank you Myuhinny for leading by example on some of those threads and using spoilers) and you can see for yourself the very slow loading of the thread.

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