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default race bug


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Hello all. i have encountered a bug with all of the default races. i believe it may be a mod that caused this but i have no idea how to find out which one or how to handle it. all of the default races have been effected by it and their faces are messed up and there are even 3 nord races. i am striving to become a modder, i would like to release awesome follower mods and more content for the community here on lovers lab so i am practicing my sculpting skills with vertex edit in ECE. i cant do it until i figure out what is causing this issue, any advice would be greatly appreciated.20181223194219_1.thumb.jpg.3b4f33afa2299def68cef16b40134188.jpg20181223194158_1.thumb.jpg.a369b6906b738a1b2ff63cc1a9bd5890.jpg20181223194145_1.thumb.jpg.2e5135a7dc4658c971ccd2498d68397c.jpg20181223194119_1.thumb.jpg.3e225299498319694407cc306ab95e53.jpg






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