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  1. whenever serana changes back to her human form the game completely freezes, it doesn't even go to desktop it just freezes. i read many years ago there was an issue with serana and enhanced blood but i have been using the 2 together for years with no issues. i am posting my load order. there are quite a few esp's i unticked because im making a merged plugin shortly, not with all of them just the followers. just ignore them. unless any of them are relevant to this issue of course
  2. my setting is on all down, always was, and my follower still wont try to save me.. i wish it was as simple as i wasn't paying enough. any idea what could be wrong?
  3. someone solved it without me having to so apparently i didn't. and it literally doesn't matter now because its solved. so why are you still going on about it? its done
  4. problem. when i am defeated my followers just stand a watch when an npc tries to rape me. they use to try and save me, any idea why they just watch now? i actually want them to try to save me, im ok with other people being raped but not me
  5. solved. just needed to change the race name in tesvedit, it was elinrace, switched it to nord. thx for pitchin in psalam hope that info helps anyone else in that situation
  6. i have a particular follower that will not work with sexlab. she doesn't work with sexlab at all. any idea why that is? when a scene starts with her my pc does a solo animation and she just walks away as if nothing happened and certain dialogue option for sex just dont trigger with her. she is the only NPC/follower this happens with. any advice would be greatly appreciated
  7. oh wow....no clue what that means lol i'm not that advanced. so you think fixing it will be easy from here?
  8. ok i did it and the follower now has purple hair due to missing texture and the face is one of those default edited vanilla monstrosity faces, is there another step i should take?
  9. the place you said to put "zzzYooJungFace" [HDPT:050034FD]. i only have 2 face parts in tesvedit the face one is missing, any idea why?
  10. where do i go to change the head part zzzyoojungface tri to Actors\Character\Character Assets\FemaleHead.tri and exactly where do i add the zzzyoojungface [HDPT:050034FD] i wanna make sure i dont mess up
  11. nevermind i made a mistake sorry i was very tired. the follower is there but has no face now, all i can see are eyes and teeth but the teeth are moving, like opening and closing as she talks....but thanks to deleting all the head parts she has no face and vanilla hair
  12. checked out the twitter for this follower it is definitely down, if anyone has it could you share it
  13. i removed all headparts and now the esp is gone in my nmm
  14. however im saying it has a vanilla voice because though the lips arent moving i can hear her talking in game. i cant load her esp in the creation kit without the CK crashing. she has multiple masters and i added this line in my skyrimeditor.ini bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1 even loading multiple masters she still causes the CK to crash. it seems to be ported followers causing the ck to crash so i cant rely on the ck to fix the lip issue
  15. Hello all! I recently backported a follower from SE to LE, and the followers lips wont move. Even when the follower blinks i can see an eye lash clip through the eye when it is closing but the eye remains open. i have gotten pretty decent with backports so i know i did not mess anything up still dont know much don't get me wrong but i know enough. I have ported quite a few followers from SE successfully and i am only having this issue with one follower, i was curious if anyone has seen or encountered this lip issue before and knew a fix. Any advice would be appreciated
  16. these should fix her up. just replace ara's eyes in her respective texture folder. these are her working eyes, they work just fine in my game eyes.rar
  17. its working now....im probably being approached too much, the only issue is whenever they say "i want to try with you" the dialogue ends immediately, and when they approach me to continue the conversation it just starts over....i am using 2.2 the latest version just wouldn't work for me for some odd reason. i just might give it another try again. if i went back to 2.3 and changed the approach to bi sexual for women to approach my male pc would they talk to me like a woman or a man?
  18. is this only for special edition or le as well and what version does this work with
  19. thx for replying! unfortunately the steps you recommended didn't work. any other suggestions? i mean when i first installed it, it worked but then never again
  20. i am not being approached at all, i have only been approached once, is there a fix for this? i play a male pc but no females will approach.
  21. im using the uunp version of this, but i have a few custom followers that are cbbe. how would i go about getting the physics to work on the female cbbe followers i downloaded? any help would be appreciated
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