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  1. thanks for clearing that up! i'll wait for the day that update comes out. i'll be keeping the mod in my game for the other features like wear and tear, and i'll update when there is more content for a straight male pc. appreciate you again shedding light on that for me
  2. i tried this mod out a few updates back, and none of the text is really different if you use play as a straight male pc. i have seen post with totally new dialogue but its only from a female perspective. has this just not been installed right or does it just cater more to female pc's?
  3. i didn't plan on posting anything like that anywhere! so i wanted to get straight to the "law" i wanted to make sure the followers i have in my skyrim weren't breaking any laws because about 3 of them have that young anime loli look and have nude body meshes. mez was telling me their bodies are shaped like adults so they don't fit in that category. if it was a problem i wanna know so i can delete them from my skyrim. i never imagined having an issue over some pixels and i definitely don't want any. all i wanted to know is either yes get rid of them its illegal or no just don't post media and you're not breaking the law. i never planed on uploading followers of that nature.
  4. I really appreciate you clearing that up for me lol i definitely didn't wanna do anything i shouldn't over a video game. appreciate your speedy reply
  5. OK! so i merged a bunch of followers together successfully using a software called "zedit". Everything went smooth and all followers are working like a charm in game however...i noticed my merged mod didn't have any textures or meshes. My followers in game have both textures and meshes but I believe they are getting them from the original followers mesh and texture folders. When i made my merged mod, i simply unticked the original followers from NMM, deactivating the esp but not uninstalling it. I need to have the esp in my mod manager which is why i left it. I made my merge in zedit and installed my merged follower mod in NMM. Now i wanna delete the original mods i used to merge from NMM because they are taking up space, but i know that's gonna screw up my merged mods meshes and textures...Are there any changes i can make directory wise to fix this or am i just stuck with worthless unused follower files clogging up my hard drive? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  6. ok so just to be clear, i wanna make sure i dont break ANY laws what so ever. followers like the Tuna follower on page 120 and marie rose for example, are they illegal to have in your game? or you just cant share them anywhere because both of those followers are young and nude already. so is it fine having them and just don't share em, is it a matter of not uploading any explicit picture online of them. or should i delete both of them from my hard drive completely? as stated before i want to make sure that i don't break any site rules so i would never post a follower of any kind of nature against the rules but more importantly i don't wanna break ANY laws
  7. when was child porn uploaded here??? which mod is it? i'm a little confused lol what mod is it thats illegal, i will be sure to avoid it
  8. 2 of these followers are red triangles in game, ayoung and ara. yeojeong is missing a head with messed up textures....The one i really want fixed is Ara, does anyone know how to correct this? im using Skyrim LE
  9. Hello everyone! I am looking for a really good combat Ai mod. My situation is a bit different than the usual, my character is OP so i don't bother fighting unless i absolutely have too, i get my joy from watching my followers kick ass, i have many follower mods and i usually take from 1 to 2 of them with me at a time and watch them slaughter. I really get my kicks from watching them in combat and seeing them clean house is just sooo satisfying to me, so i was wondering if there was a combat mod that would make them more effective on the battle field. I am currently using wildcats as my only combat mod, and though i have no complaints about wildcats, i was wondering if there was something better out there or anything i needed to mix with it to see my followers shine even more. I would really appreciate the input, thanks everyone!
  10. ok i made sure no follower manager was running my spouse and like always, the mod is running fine but no approach from my spouse. the funny thing is, about 3 days ago a split second of her approach dialogue kicked in when she walked up to me, i saw he subtitles read "care to spend some time with your wife" but the moment i spoke to her it went away and i haven't seen it since. i even set the required amount of days for an approach to 1
  11. well....damn....and they say i have a twisted definition of hero. i like this guy lol
  12. so what would you recommend, getting rid of one? or if there any particular way i can set my loadorder up with my current mods to make it work
  13. hey im having an issue where my spouse absolutely will not approach me, does anyone have any idea why that might be? need some serious help, here is my load order
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