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  1. thanks for your help marg! i found the issue, it was this follower https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/47472?tab=description funny thing is i ported this follower for skyrim LE but the normal follower in SE is giving my skyrim special edition hell
  2. Hello all. I posted about this issue already but in the wrong section. My new game keeps freezing in sleeping giant inn, but only when i approach the bar, not sure whats causing it exactly. My game also freezes when i open the console but only when im in sleeping giant inn. i have my load order and papyrus log Load Order
  3. sorry i must have looked over it. that wont happen again. yeah this is a brand new save file and i have not removed any mods. its my first time in sleeping giant inn so again there is no earlier save, haven't made a new character and went inside or anything opening the console only crashes in sleeping giant inn i have xpmse.esp diabled because you dont need it enabled for it to work in your load order. i do have hdt smp
  4. load order is in my previous comments spoiler just scroll down pass the crash log and it will be there. ignore the spoiler in this comment. i quoted my previous comment and didn't know how to delete this as a quote
  5. ok so whenever i go in the sleeping giant inn and walk towards the bar my game freezes...it also freezes if i open my console ` i have my crash log if anyone just in case anyone knows how to read this stuff and i'll post my load order papayrus log:
  6. Was wondering if there were any awesome UUNP armor packs for skyrim special edition that also had bodyslide. the female npc's in my game are kinda top heavy. If anyone knows any awesome packs please post your links. all i find are the basic cbbe packs on the nexus
  7. thank you sooooo much that solved it!!! i left bgamepadenable=1 as is and just added bkeyboardenable=1 because i do use a controller but you saved the day with that info. i have seen this issue on the web but could not find a solution, thank you for solving this!!!
  8. yeah my tilde key is in the same spot as yours. it has always worked until i installed skyrim special edition. i have a feeling it has something to do with that. im hoping i dont have to uninstall SE because i literally just spent hours and hours modding it. i started a week ago, and i dont even know if uninstalling it will fix my LE but no i havent pressed every key on my keyboard. ` this always worked to open my console. i do play with an xbox one controller but my keyboard for many years, since 2013 to be exact, has worked just fine along side my controller
  9. those keys just dont function in skyrim le. like my tilde key wont bring up my console commands for example. i cant even go to setting and map other buttons to those keys
  10. i mean yeah my skyrim is still in english. all my keys work on the special edition just not my legendary. but yeah LE is in english
  11. these keys work on and in everything else except skyrim.... this happened after i installed skyrim SE. any advice would be appreciated. ps i tried going to skyrim LE in steam and setting the launch options to +console and still no luck. I also tried using shift and tab to fix it in game and nooo luck.
  12. i do backports of tera elin race followers. every tera elin race remastered follower i backport causes a ctd...i would love a solution to that
  13. ok so i made sure everything was all good with my save and the mods working! approaches are working just fine, the only problem is after establishing a relationship "i want to try with you" the next time i have a conversation with my "partner" they just start the same dialogue over again and eventually tell me "i want to try with you" it doesn't progress any further...i remember in the previous version it would kinda continue is that a bug? there are other dialogue options available such as honey i need to tell you something & etc. but when i actually talk to my partner i notice some of th
  14. good advice i mean this mod works for a short time like about 30 mins then it stops working all together
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