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[REQUEST] Sexlab animation as creature

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I've seen lots of creature animation here, some mod to summon creature, or defeat, or soul pets. But i never found one where I can play as the creature itself.

Whenever I use mod that transform me into creature and start sexlab animation for some reason the framework always deemed my character as human, thus normal sexlab animation was played and my character (which is currently transformed into a creature) just stand still looking dumb.


Is there a shapeshifting mod that works with sexlab or mod that enables me to manually choose creature animation?

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6 hours ago, Hazzel1337 said:

i read something about your issue in MadMansGun SLAL thread







I've tried these

unfortunately while it fixed my problem with werewolf form, it still doesn't helped with being other creature. I think the problem so far is because i morphed into creature by using playable monster mod or by path of druid mod. Both which aren't made with sexlab framework in mind. 

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