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  1. Thanks for reply, but I was hoping for a mod that let's you build your own functioning brothel. Anyone can think of something?
  2. I just noticed that we can't do RSEII_Brothels mod. Is there any alternative brothel mod we can use that works with this guide?
  3. When do you think this would be ready for SSE? Nice work.
  4. Npc don't use gag sound when gaged. They used their normal dialogues. Is that normal?
  5. Thanks for the reply. It is not the file path for the facetint because the head shape is completely different from what I created. For example, My head mesh does not have hair (I meant to give it a wig in game) but the black face has hair on it. the black face looks like the default face.
  6. Hi. I'm trying to make a follower for SkyDraenei race mod but every time I get black face bug. I'm using the guide below and some similar guides but nothing seems to work so far. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/articles/1316 Anybody has an idea?
  7. I really want a sse 3ba version of this so bad.
  8. Has anyone seen this bug where npcs with crossbows would shoot multiple bolts instead of just one. They shoot multiple at the same and kill me right there. You can see the bolts. I'm playing on SE version. The merged mods are mostly followers and weapons. Let me know if you need more info Loadorder plugins:
  9. Anyone knows any good draenei follower for SSE?
  10. The problem with osex is lack of animation. I hope that gets fixed one day.
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