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  1. Hi. I'm looking for npc slavery. Mods that I can capture npc or steal them and tie them up in my home or wherever. I am aware of pahe and defeat, but I have tried them with different load orders and they are usually buggy for me. Can you guys suggest some mods to me.
  2. Would it break anything if I use this with 5.0?
  3. Does this actually work with 5.0? Would it break anything if I use it with 5.0?
  4. I'm late to this but I figured it out. The solution above is not actually a solution, it is more like erasing the question. If you want to use smp during sex and you have this problem, Do not use the scaling in sexlab. That's it. That should solve your issue.
  5. If anyone is interested the problem was actually sexlab scaling. It was very simple yet I could not see it.
  6. Making nice looking npc isn't easy tho. I don't even wanna start doing it myself. Nice mod.
  7. I love the idea of this mod, but the NPCs look very ugly 😃
  8. Please tell me if I'm posting this in a wrong place and please direct me to the right one (apology in advance). I'm using sexlab and using 3ba in smp mode. when I start an animation everything is fine, when it goes to the next animation (when the character moves), NPCs breast just keep shaking in wired directions. It's like they need to be restarted or something. They seem to be in some kind of loop from the pervious animation. I don't really know how to explain it. Nothing is overwriting xpmse and it is as high as I can put it. I tried reinstalling some related mod but it did nothin
  9. What physic mod is being used in the picture?
  10. Hi. Thank you for your response. Do you know how? Here is a picture of what I have:
  11. While this mod is my favorite futa addon, It doesn't seem to work well with sex animations. The scholong is always positioned above partner's belly. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. Does anyone have this mod working properly on SSE? Can you pm me please?
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