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About This File

This mod de-castrates male werewolves, gives female werewolves their breasts back, and gives male (and female, if the MCM option is enabled) werewolves an erection when sex is initiated. In addition, player-character werewolves can rape NPCs (can be completely disabled) with a configurable hotkey, and requirements for a rape attempt to succeed can be changed.
This mod may conflict with other mods that modify the werewolf race - if this is the case, I recommend using Wrye Bash or TES5Edit to resolve the conflicts.


As of 3.0, the mod is packaged as a fomod. It has multiple model variants to choose from. If you want to use Schlongs of Skyrim for the werewolf penises, install the castrated male version.



Version History

  • Version 3.0 Beta 5
    • Updated for Creature Framework RC11

    [*]Version 3.0 Beta 4

    • Fixed the texture paths for the regular castrated male version

    [*]Version 3.0 Beta 3

    • Fixed the mesh paths for the regular castrated male version

    [*]Version 3.0 Beta 2

    • Fixed the player character not getting body-swapped after the first registration

    [*]Version 3.0 Beta

    • Creature Framework now handles the body swapping
    • Added fomod installer to choose model variants
    • Happy new year (again)!

    [*]Version 2.1

    • Added bloodlust extension and perk advancement features
    • Redid all debug messages
    • Switched to the new method to write to the console in SexLab 1.31
    • Re-hid werewolf armour/aroused armour from inventory
    • Changed the default rape stamina cost from 30 to 40 (will not affect existing saves)
    • Cleaned up some stuff like the spell/spell effect flags
    • Happy new year!

    [*]Version 2.0

    • Added player-character werewolf rape functionality with configurable conditions and stuff (can be completely disabled)
    • Rewrote basically everything
    • Fixed male mesh roughness (thanks to erundil)
    • Fixed female werewolves becoming invisible when using the male model
    • Scaled down the height of male werewolves to 1.0 (from vanilla's 1.13) to match up with the animations

    [*]Version 1.1

    • Added optional SexLab Aroused integration
    • Added a "Reset werewolves" button to the MCM menu
    • Added a debug mode setting

    [*]Version 1.0b

    • Included the script files in the archive (derpin' up a storm here)

    [*]Version 1.0

    • Initial release




What's New in Version 3.0 Beta 5


  • Updated for Creature Framework RC11

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