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DMZ Vortex armor replacer in peaces

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Expect incompatibility and mesh clipping with some armour wore. In future some fixes will be made.


I am not the creator of original armours! All endorsements go to original creators VortexZz and Darigaz17.


Edited armours:

Blades Light & Heavy
Dark Seducer
Golden Saint
Iron (bbb added)
Light Arena Raiment

Heavy Arena Raiment (identical to light arena raiment)
Mythic Dawn Armor

     - Imperial Dragon (Heavy / Light)
     - Imperial Watch (unplayable in vanilla Oblivion)
     - Imperial Palace (unplayable in vanilla Oblivion) 

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Hi, I am testing some armor from this mod and I am having trouble with a pair that I would like to have. First of all, say that I am using this mod, which I understand is the correct one:


1. Blades armor. The problem is that "something black" comes out of the cuirass. I have tried the textures in the "vortex" folder, but it remains the same.


2. Dark Brotherhood Armor. When I put this armor on, the game crashes.

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Do you have all requirements ? Most armors need the original Mod for the textures.


Crash:  missing normal map? ( both textures missing is purple in game) 

Open the nif files with NifSkope and check the textures path and then your game folder if you have the texture in the right folder.  Texture and normal map texture, the  xxxx.dds and xxxx_n.dds.



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You know how to open the esp with  CS or TES4Edit. Then you can find the nif/meshes path. Then in your game folder in data\meshes\ xxxx . . . you copy both (blades armor , Dark Brotherhood armor  ) and upload.  Then I can tell you the name and path of the textures.

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A lot of wrong settings in the nif and Junk data, but nothing that should crash a game. I cleaned the darkbrotherhood and blades cuirass.

Check if you have the textures
data\textures\vortex\dmzarmors\bladesrope.dds  and  bladesrope_n.dds
data\textures\armor\iron\irondagger_dk.dds  and  irondagger_n.dds

If not you have not installed the mod right.
All other textures are original Oblivion.



Unpack the test.7z in an empty folder

The 2 nif with darkbrotherhood in name you copy in


The 4 nif with cuirass in name you copy in


In my game they work, no crash and all textures are okay.

I have not checked other nif, but if they are all so "dirty" there is a lot of NifSkope work to do.

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The armor in the Thief folder is in game the leather armor ( Some special leather armors are BlackwaterCuirass folder )


If you want to test it use the console

open the console and write

 player.additem 00023198 1

hit enter key

same with

player.additem 00023199 1

player.additem 0002319A 1

player.additem 0002319B 1

Then you have all 4 leather armor parts.


Will check the mithril and dwarven armor.  Only the cuirass crash the game ?



darkbrotherhood, blades, mithril, thiefs, dwarven,  and new: daedric, dremora  all parts cleaned

All parts cleaned 2.7z


The thief armor was okay but a skin gloss setting was wrong.

But I updated/fixed all armor parts with NifSkope and put them all in the folders. (also darkbrotherhood and blades )


Unpack the file, open the folders until you see the nif files and copy the files in the right game folder. Or copy the 5 folders; blades, darkbrotherhood, dwarven, Mithril, thief and go to your game folder, open data\meshes\armor\ and paste.


I did not liked the dwarven cuirass, the breast move but the armor is static. That's good, that's how it should be, metal doesn't move... but the breasts clip through the armor when moving up.  So I changed it and now breasts and armor are moving, unrealistic but looks better.

If you have installed it  you can open the folder meshes\armor\dwarven\f\ and you see

cuirass.nif                                     << the armor nif you use

cuirass Breasts Armor move.nif    << breasts and armor moves, It is a copy of the cuirass.nif 

cuirass Breasts move.nif               << the original version, only the breast move but clip through the armor

If you want the original you delete the cuirass.nif  , create a copy of the  cuirass Breasts move.nif  and rename it to cuirass.nif 



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The DMZ Vortex armor replacer does not add/replace the leather armor folder. Your leather folder is original game or another armor replacer Mod.


And the 4 console commands add the right leather armor. I told you the armor that use the thief folder is the leather armor. There is no armor with name tief armor.

leather armor.jpg




No BBB ?  Why BBB if the tits don't bounce :classic_biggrin:

And other armors from this Mod have bouncing breasts / bouncing metal armor.


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Incredible. I have discovered that for some reason I have the textures of a certain "Pit armor" in the leather armor folder...


What is the Pit Armor folder? Because I think the textures from the Thief armor folder go into the Leather armor folder.


On the other hand, the dwarven cuirass comes out as usual, leaving nothing in the air.

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There are no Pit armor folders,  no meshes and no textures folder.


The armor with name Pit Cuirass, Pit boots, Pit helmet,...  use the nif  in the  meshes\armor\leather folder  and textures in textures\armor\leather

The armor with name leather cuirass, leather boots, leather helmet use the nif in the  meshes\armor\thief folder  and textures in textures\armor\thief


You can unpack the Oblivion meshes and textures bsa  and you will not find a Pit folder.

And if you had unzipped the DMZ Vortex armor replacer and opened the folders you had noticed the meshes\thief and textures thief\folder.  ( and no pit folders )


The DMZ Vortex  Leather armor: ( thief meshes and textures folders)




The dwarven armor


Tits and armor use BBB ( the nif you use if you have not renamed the "cuirass Breasts move.nif"  )





Only the tits have BBB the armor is static (if you use the "cuirass Breasts move.nif"  )




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Ok. Thief armor and dwarven armor are fine. The issue with the dwarven armor was a conflict with the "HGEC more revealing standard armor" mod, which caused one or the other cuirass not to appear.


The dremora armor has no textures, really? How can it be used?

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no texture at all?  The dremora armor use game textures, only one new texture (a chain mail texture used at neck, belly and armpits)

The Mod add dreamora textures but that are only slightly recolored original textures. Without the Mod textures you only have 3 spots with the missing chain mail texture )


dremora armor and daedric armor cleaned.  See my old post (post 15)


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my mistake, the Mod add daedric texture replacers.


The dremora armor use the original game textures. If you do not have a textures replacer installed they are in the Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa.

With a new game installtion you don't have meshes and textures folders, they are all packed in the bsa files.


And the one new Mod texture the dremora armor use  is  textures\armor\daedric\f\mail.dds


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dremora armor is set to  Non-Playable in the Oblivion esm (only shields and weapons are playable) That's why you never see an armor if you activate a dead dremors , no curirass, boots, Greaves .

So you never can get a dremora armor in your inventory. Yes with console it is possible.   But you don't see it, you can't use it, but you have more weight.

Also guard armor , Golden Saint and Dark Seducer armor is set to no-playable. Same as above, you will never find armor in inventories of dead guards, saint, seducers,...        Complain to Bethesda, they wanted it that way.


Daedra/Daedric  armor is playable.


But if you have a armor replacer esp you can set the dremora armor playable.

Some armors don't have female versions, but Modders made female versions and add it to the armor-clothes replacers. Of course, such mods have an esp to enable the female versions of the armos. And in some of the armor replacer esp all no-playable armors are set to playable.


If you know how to use the construction set you can create a esp ( or use a armor or clothes esp you have ) and add the un-playable armors you want to set playable.

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