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  1. I stumbled upon a cool Japanese modder site by the name Zeo. They made a lot of cool original armor mods, but the problem is these files were apparently hosted/stored in Office site, and they have all disappeared now... http://zeoblivion.blog11.fc2.com/blog-entry-30.html Wonder if anyone ever visited the site and downloaded the mods there?
  2. I've tried both versions. The Russian version (with russian esp) is radically different from the Chinese version, most notably Lena's look herself. It also has less features than the Chinese version, I think. It's also in russian font (Cyrilic). If you put an English patch over it, it will summon the Chinese ver with English dialogues and whatsoever, though there's still some leftovers in Cyrilic, so long as the resource is there, but as mentioned before, it has less features. So just install the Chinese ver altogether from the beginning. Still... Why does my Lena (chinese ver) looked different from the demonstration video in the chinese streaming site though? I noticed that her skin is lighter, has better face shape, and maybe it doesn't feature the mismatching body texture too? If anybody has a remedy to this, please let me know.
  3. I wonder, did I download the right files? I downloaded from the 4-parted files from the Mediafire links. Her face shape looks very different (worse) from demonstration video.
  4. Also how do I get her to use the default armor when you first summon her, after changing her class/equipment/clothes or whatever,? I've tried every options but the initial armor just wasn't there.
  5. The character is always smiling creepily! How to make her stop smiling? Also in the demonstration video the character's face skin looked slightly whiter. Then there's also the whole mismatched texture issue with Evy race. Has anyone got a remedy for this skin problem??
  6. Has anybody found the fixed skin texture or the Evy race(zamryong ver)???
  7. Could anyone provide me with the SIP Wolfkrone Armor? The 4shared link in the first page is broken/expired.
  8. All links are offline. Could somebody reupload the save, body texture, and head mesh (if there is), pleasee?
  9. I see. But it appears they also contain break armor/undies variations?
  10. Could someone upscale the body texture?
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