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Neck seam depending on complexion slider in RaceMenu?

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Hi, for some reason my character gets a neck seam when I use the default complexion in RaceMenu (no wrinkles/freckles etc.), yet it's seamless when I choose one of the freckle presets. I've tried several texture mods, and even uninstalling all custom skin textures and bodymods (completely vanilla) and I still get seams.




Thanks in advance

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I have exactly the same issue with the default complexion... it's possible to remove the neckseam by resetting the complexion with Showracemenu but when i save and reload the game, the problem is back...

I tried different blankdetailmap.dds fix but still nothing

I use Demoniac unp 8k https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70834

Thanks for the help

2 images showing the neckseam when i load the game and the seamless one after i reset the default complexion.



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