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Random crash on load screen


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I wish I knew, because I get random crashes/lock ups as well. Especially around Searchlight Airport.


The only thing I can say is, if you don't have one already, get a mod that reduces CTDs; I prefer NVEC, which reduces them to the point where they're so rare (as in I can go several hours before one hits) that I don't rage quit the game.



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I also use the Configator; I've gotten it a bit more stable, but in the long run I haven't noticed any big changes, even though I've played around with it for weeks now.


Some might also say to use the 4GB version, but I've found, atleast for me, the game runs even WORSE with more RAM enabled. As in it'll crash within a minute of loading a save game.

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Do you run a multi-core processor? If so' date=' enable threading in the various settings that have it as an option.


Also, "Havoc Threads"= Cores. Set that to the number of cores in your processor. I.E. Core i7 processor = 4 cores.



I'm unable to find these settings.


Also I've tried installing NVEC, and using the 4 gb launcher. Both no noticeable change.

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